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Post Gets New Look for 2012

Dorianna Valerio

The Long Island University rebranding is well on its way, with a new logo set to debut next semester.  Aside from the logo, L.I.U. will have a new social media identity, new merchandise and an expansive ad campaign, which will take effect on January 1, 2012.

The University rebranding, which became public after the Pioneer first reported on the issue on November 2, 2011, has been widely talked about by students, alumni, faculty, staff, administration members, and others.

While this semester is nearing its end, L.I.U. prepares to unveil the University’s new image within a matter of weeks. However, due to conflicts between the marketing and launch schedule and the Pioneer’s printing deadline, the new logo is not available, said Rita Langdon, the Associate Provost and Director of Public Relations for the C.W. Post Campus.

Apparel and other merchandise, such as, but not limited to, mugs, book bags and baseball caps, will feature the new L.I.U.- Post logo and will be available at the start of the semester, which is January 17, 2012.

The merchandise will be sold in the campus bookstore and on the Barnes and Noble website. “The bookstore will provide a nostalgia section with ‘C.W. Post’ apparel for interested patrons, such as alumni,” said Langdon.

The semester will begin with a brand launch party, which, according to Langdon, will be an event hosted by the Provost’s office for students, faculty and staff members. The party will be hosted during common hour and will introduce the new logo and promotional items. The campus will give out free t-shirts and prizes with the new logo. No exact date for the event was provided.

As for attending the event, senior Sociology major Josh Stieglitz said he wasn’t sure he would; however, he added, “The changes really don’t affect anything. It’s just going to be something missing.”

Beginning on the first of the New Year, the new University logo and images of students will be seen in Times Square, Herald Square, the Theater District, Long Island Rail Road platforms, L.I.R.R. cars, New York City subways, bus shelters in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, newspapers, kiosks in area malls and in high traffic areas.

The ads will feature the success stories of students and alumni from all of the L.I.U. campuses, said Kim Volpe-Cassalino, the Assistant Vice President for Public Relations for Long Island University. “[The ads] will capture the promise of an L.I.U. education and provide a strategic framework in which to highlight student achievements, celebrate faculty in their roles as scholars and educators and reinforce the notion that every unit of the University is an integral part of one of the largest private universities in America,” Volpe-Cassalino added.

According to the information provided to the Pioneer, Post’s social media and web pages will feature key elements of the branding campaign, including links to TV commercials, print ads, campaign-themed interactive elements and the new logo.

As of January 1, 2012, the new social media sites will be and . The LIU website will have the new logo on every page, and student and alumni success stories will be added to top-level pages.

As for physical changes to the Post Campus, “The school colors will remain gold and green, and the east and west gate signage is scheduled to be updated during the spring semester,” said Langdon.

In a statement, Provost Dr. Paul Forestell said, “L.I.U. – Post is proud to share its growth and quality education through a forward-looking and impactful branding campaign.”

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