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Post Got Talent

Khadija Greenidge
Staff Writer

Homecoming week was something truly memorable, especially the Post Got Talent event. On Thursday October 18, 2012 at 7pm in the Tilles Center Atrium, the annual Post Got Talent competition was held. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Association for Campus Programming (ACP), Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc., and Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity Inc., the night was very much successful.

Post Got Talent is a diverse competition where students get to reveal their true passions. There are those who live for the stage and others that learn to love it. Performing turns into a safe haven for many whether they are performance inclined or the shyest of wall flowers. With events like this, kudos must go out to the brave contestants who took part in the competition.

To kick off the show hosts Shaun Jack¬son and Sarah Taylor entertained the room with warm welcomes and hilarious antics. According to ACP Music Chair Ariel Carner “the competition is held every year so that contestants get the chance to perform at homecoming pep rally and it is a great opportunity for students to break out of their shells and showcase their talent to the cam¬pus community.” Along with the performance debut at the Pep Rally the performers were exposed to a larger community of people from outside of the campus. “Sure, the main benefit is getting to perform in front of a large crowd, but the friends made in the process were all the more worthwhile” said ACP President Mya Grey.

The Tilles Center Atrium was filled with talented young adults in the category of poetry, vocal music, rap, instrumental and dance. There were ten acts consisted of singers Jameil White, Robert (?), Cody Petite, Joseph Alvarez, Abigail Dawson, rapper Kadeem Baptiste Lavine, dancers Jay Smith and Kevin Guardia, comedian Dinaa Fausther-Keeys, pianist and poet Kimberly Leger and the band The Core Combo consisting of Jason Reese, Charles Jourdan, Brandon Newell, Mikhail Brown and Matthew Van Doff.
Before the show when asked why she got involved with Post Got Talent, Freshman Kimberly Leger said “I love performing so it was a great opportunity…oh and my friends told me I should.” On another note nerves were racking through several contestants but not freshman Jameil White, he said “I am not nervous; I’m just trying to have fun and perform tonight.” They all put on a great show from risky tricks and theatrical presentation, to soul and outstanding vocal skills.

Winners Circle:
At the end of the night judges William Clyde(Director of Higher Education Opportunity Program), Selvino Andrade Jr.(Technical Services Specialist), and Scott Towers(Residence Hall Director of Riggs Hall) tallied their votes for the top three performers. Their choice was based on sportsmanship, appearance and other aspects of performance. After careful deliberation the winners were chosen. The third place winners was The Core Combo, Jay and Kevin came in second and the first place winner was Joseph Alvarez. After winning the com¬petition Alvarez stated “I’m just so happy to have won against all these talented people, thank you so much to the audience, judges, and other contestants for your support.”

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