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Post Idol Starts Off On A High Note

Post Idol Event

Meghan Glynn

This past Wednesday, March 2nd, C.W. Post’s 2nd annual, “Post Idol” kicked off in Hillwood’s Cinema, offering students a showcase of this year’s contestants.

Victoria Jacques, a senior marketing major and music chair of ACP, is co-coordinating the event and was excited for the competition. “This year we have 5 rounds.  Last year we only had three,” Jacques said of Post Idol, “This year what we’re doing differently is we have a theme for each week. So next week is Top 40, and then we have a rock an roll, and jazz theme.”

Sean Jackson, a junior criminal justice major, member of the Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon Fraternity Inc and co-coordinator, thought that the opportunity for fans to see the performers in a showcase was a good way to start things off. “The fact that the crowd got to see who’s doing it will make them excited to come back for next week,” explained Jackson.

This year’s performers subscribe to a wide variety of genres and song choices.  This week’s acapella showcase ranged from Beyonce all the way to White Snake. With so many different directions being expressed, judging might become pretty difficult.

“I thought everyone was amazing,” said Nadia Hernandez, an administrative assistant in the International Student Services office, and judge of this week’s portion of the competition. Hernandez also added that she believes the competition is going to be a difficult one due to all the talented voices participating.

The next installment of the competition will be Wednesday March 9, at 9PM in the Hillwood Cinema.

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