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Post Loves Digging Holes

Erin Mei
Staff Writer

Resident students moving back into Brookville Hall and the South Residence Complex at the beginning of the school year may have noticed several parking spots behind the Blue/Yellow Suites were missing due to a construction site. William Kirker, Director of the Facilities Department, explained that a hole was dug in mid-August “to find and fix an underground hot water leak.” Hot water is used to heat the buildings on campus. Facilities wanted the leak to be fixed before the fall semester began, but testing revealed a second leak and another hole was dug for it to be repaired. A tree from the Brookville parking lot was also re¬moved because the roots were growing into the pipes, which compromised the integrity of the school’s pipelines.

Students that live in residence halls know how hard it is to get a parking spot in the Brookville and the SRC parking lots since they are the most sought after. Most of the students that park there are those who live in Post Hall, Riggs Hall, SRC, and Brookville Hall. “It’s definitely caused an inconvenience,” said Information Systems graduate student Matt Aronberg. “No one likes to park far from where they live, but it’s better than not being able to take a hot shower or brush my teeth because of a broken pipe.”

Other students such as senior Psychology major Alyssa Apgar worry about the size of the holes and the safety risks regarding them. “I’m glad they have fences up, but what if it rains hard one day and the road just collapses?” Kirker assured the Pioneer that all safety precautions for students and vehicles have been taken.

No other repairs have been scheduled, but leaks do occur from time to time due to the school’s underground infrastructure. Kirker expects the existing holes to be filled in by Friday, September 28.

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