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Post to New York City. The Direction is your Choice!

By Dondre Lemon
Staff Writer

LIU Post is a great place to enjoy life, sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet around you. But what if you want a day of noise and excitement? A day with millions of people at the renowned Macy’s on 34th Street, or a fun day at a Yankees games in the Bronx. Maybe you would like to take a stroll along the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge or experience the unspeakable at Time Square. It sounds amazing, but all these things are located just 29.7 miles away from campus. Here are the three quickest, and cheapest routes to New York City.

Photo by Dondre Lemon

The first option requires a car. Drive on Northern Blvd to Glen Clove Road, make sure to maintain the speed limit. Turn left on Glen Clove Road and continue until you arrive at the Long Island Expressway. Merge carefully, and check your mirrors, as you continue on the freeway until you reach the Queens, Midtown Tunnel, and behold you are in Manhattan. Driving to the city is a little challenging and by the end of your day, you might be stressed and ready to pull your hair out.

Therefore, 2nd option is a relaxing train ride. Take the Hicksville shuttle behind Hillwood Commons to the Hicksville railroad station. From there you will take the next Penn Station bound train. Fifty minute train ride away, and you will be with the millions of people in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The Fare will cost you $13.50 for peak hours and $9.75 for off-peak hours.

The final possibility is taking the NICE n20 bus to Greenville. From there you will take the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station. Not all trains will go directly to Penn Station. You may have to get off at Jamaica Station in Queens and wait for the next available Penn Station bound train. In total this journey will take you 55 minutes at the same fare of $13.50 or $9.75. That is it; Three simple ways to get to NYC from LIU Post. Let us know if these tips were helpful at, and check us out on the web at

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