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Post, Watch Your Step

By Jada Butler
Staff Writer

Well into the eleventh week of the semester, campus sidewalk renovations that began in August are still underway, though for two weeks have seemed to come to a pause. The ongoing construction poses as a potential danger to students who may not be watching where they are going.

Photo by Jada Butler
Photo by Jada Butler

A majority of the reconstruction outside of Humanities Hall was completed the week before classes started. Yet some areas seemed to have been rushed, according to several students and professors who walk these paths.

The bricks have become loose already and not completely fitted into place, leaving holes and cracks wide enough for a student to misstep and be injured.

“I don’t know why they are still working with students on campus,” said Rachel Schwartz, a junior psychology major.

New construction on the sidewalks and paths around Hillwood and Pell Hall dominates the campus today, tarnishing the aesthetic of the campus grounds. Though it seems that before the Fall Open House for prospective students this past weekend, the issues with the site outside of Hillwood Commons were corrected.

“Work is progressing as expected, and we look forward to completing our current projects while the weather remains optimal for construction,” William Kirker, director of Facilities Services, shared on the timeliness of the project. With the shifting weather forecasts, the completion can only be roughly anticipated.

The construction is part of a regular program of repairs designed to maintain the appearance, safety and day-to-day operation of the campus. The safety precautions for students include caution tape and overturned safety cones and barrels in areas where construction is active. Loose bricks and small gaps in the walkways outside Humanities were filled with compacting minerals—sand or stones, it is unclear—in order to secure the path for passersby and to make it presentable.

According to Kirker, plans are in place to renovate additional walkways this year, and the labor will be from a number of local firms based on a competitive bidding process. “We are pleased to continue enhancing the campus experience for our students and the entire LIU Post community,” he said.

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