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Post’s New Global MBA Program Teams Up with Top-Ranked Schools Internationally

By Ludvig Brisby Jeppsson
Staff Writer /Columnist

Next year, the Global MBA program is taking off, beginning in the fall semester. The program is a 36-credit, one-year program and offers courses at business schools in three different countries on three different continents. The year is split between Fundan University in China’s largest city Shanghai, University of Cambridge in England and Post.

Mr. Gregory Wagner, senior associate for graduate recruitment at the College of Management, explains that the thought behind the program is to “help to attract a more diverse, well qualified group of students who want to expand the scope of their learning to include two of the top schools in the world.”

Wagner also believe the program will help improve the image of the university. “This [the program] will help brand LIU-Post as a center for intellectual curiosity and better able to attract students from all over the world for their MBA.”

Fundan University is one of the top-ranked universities in China, and spending about one month there will leave students with enriching experiences from one of manufacturer centers of the world, Wagner explains.

About ten weeks are then spent at Cambridge, which is one of the top-ranked universities worldwide, and “one of the intellectual centers of the world,” according to Wagner, before returning back to New York, “the business capital of the world.”

It is obvious that the characteristics of the places combined with highly ranked universities is the main selling point and that the hope is that this will give students the competitive edge on the job market.

Asking Wagner about who it is aimed at, he said, “It is open to students interested in getting an MBA with a global scope, who want to get out of their comfort zone and learn in a experiential setting.” He continued, “It’s a very exciting new program and we welcome all LIU students to explore the program. They are welcome to talk to me or speak with Dean Rob Valli.”

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