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Post’s New Hangout

New TV room in Hillwood

Matt Marando

On February 23rd, students and faculty poured into the rounded room located above the Hillwood Information Desk for the grand opening of C.W. Post’s new TV Room. What was once a semi-circular room with bare white walls, a dirty brown floor, and little to show for itself, has transformed into a beautifully well lit creation by the Student Government Association.

Before the room became the TV Room, it wasn’t being utilize and seemed like a waste of space. Now it is equipped with a 60” Samsung plasma TV and surround sound connected to a laptop for DVD and video game use. “The room turned out better than I anticipated,” says SGA President Jared Chiborowski, who made opening remarks before the ribbon cutting ceremony. “In the future it will be utilized more and more as people start to realize it’s here”.

So where did the idea for this room come from? Commuter students have been looking for a place to hang out and have meetings, rather than fall sleep on those nice comfy couches Hillwood has provided for us. “The TV Room has been on the ‘project list’ for a while. I’m glad to see it completed!” Graduate Assistant Jackie Russo said, “It’s great to see a space for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to all who helped make it happen!”

The floor, the carpet, the chairs, and the windows that look over Hillwood Commons were hand-selected by the Student Government Association. “I think it’s great; it brings us to the 21st century and there are a multitude of activities that students can use,” Billy Achnitz added while commenting on the transformation of the room from its former state.

Provost Paul Forestell gave a speech before helping C.W. Post President Steinberg cut the ribbon off the TV to make the opening official. He stated that in the creation of the room, the students’ ideas were being implemented. “You guys made it happen,” he said. “Nothing happens over night.”

On the count of three, President Steinberg cut the ribbon, signifying that the new TV Room is now open to all students and faculty alike. When asked how he feels about the new space, Steinberg stated that this room illustrates student leadership and cooperation coming together to come up with a productive way to increase campus activity.

Now that you know there is a new TV Room, and it won’t come as a shock to you if you hear it from a friend, get out there and see it for yourself! It is open during Hillwood hours.

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