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Potential RAs Flood Hillwood Commons

By Nicole Curcio
News Editor

On Feb. 24, over 100 students applying for resident assistant positions lined up in front of the Hillwood Cinema at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to sign in for the first round of interviews to fill the 23 to 25 RA positions. Following sign-in, candidates were separated into rooms 112 and 221 of Hillwood Commons, where they engaged in various group exercises before their individual interview. The interview process was about three hours long for both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Photo by Nicole Curcio Students apply for Fall 2017 RA positions
Photo by Nicole Curcio
Students apply for Fall 2017 RA positions

Logan Dewitt, a junior musical theater major and RA for two consecutive years, was at the sign-in to hopefully be hired for his consecutive third year. This process was the same as the last two years that she has been interviewed for the position, she said.

This will be the second year RAs will also be required to hold positions as orientation leaders for the incoming fall freshmen. According to Dewitt, orientation leaders need to come back to campus for two weeks in the middle of the summer to train for orientation and then prepare students for their first semester. “There is going to be one orientation session,” Dewitt said. “Last year, [students] came early to school; this year they will be coming in the middle of the summer.”

Benefits to holding this position is a stipend for orientation and free room during the school year. Applicants are eliminated through each round of interviews and a few weeks following the final round students chosen will be contacted. It is not determined how many RAs will be returning. Building assignments will be given to RAs during the summer.


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