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Pratt After Dark

By Kahleel Bragg
Managing Editor

On Friday, March 20, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., LIU Post will host its annual Pratt After Dark event. Exciting games, cool prizes, fun contests, along with food and music, will be available for all students.

Pratt After Dark is an indoor carnival that will take place in the Pratt Recreation Center, and is hosted by the Office of Campus Life. For this year’s Pratt After Dark, Campus Life has decided on a Dave & Buster’s theme. There will be slot machines, a large selection of casino tables, and arcade games. Campus Life will also be raffling off and distributing prizes, but there is no say on what the items will be.

Sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi pose at a previous Pratt After Dark event. Photo: Tia Mona Greene
Sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi pose at a previous Pratt After Dark event.
Photo: Tia Mona Greene

“Last year was my first year at Pratt After Dark. I think it was a good experience to get the commuters and dormers together, because I feel like the commuters aren’t really involved,” said Casey Koster, a sophomore Broadcasting major.

The goal for the event is to offer a variety of activities that appeal to all students. The activities slightly change each year, but this year will be a completely fresh look from the past.

“We were committed to giving the event a facelift this year. Our job in Campus Life is to make it an exciting experience regardless of how many times a student has attend[ed] the event,” said Michael Berthel, the Director of Campus Life.

Stephanie Ruhle, a senior Broadcasting major, is looking forward to this year’s Pratt after Dark. “It’s nice to be around everyone, take the night off, and just chill,” she said.

There is no charge for LIU students to attend Pratt After Dark. Students are required to bring their LIU ID cards to present at the door. For more information on Pratt After Dark, students can visit campus life in Hillwood Commons Room 102, or contact them at 516-299-3594.

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