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President Cline Gets Social Media Savvy

By Jada Butler


Over spring break, a new user joined the Instagram feed. University President Kimberly Cline started an Instagram page to share stories and photos about LIU and to “bring the campus alive” to prospective students.

Dr. Cline’s Instagram profile

“Facebook is still used by millennials, but Instagram is the top choice [for] generation Z,” Cline said. There are over two dozen university affiliated Instagram accounts, with users ranging from clubs, sports, Greek Life and Dean of Students Michael Berthel.

The goal is to build up the page until fall 2019, according to Cline. “At this point, I am letting it grow organically. For now, people are finding me by accident,” she said.

The “liupresident” account has 42 followers so far, and follows back 14 accounts: 11 LIU groups and three Post musical theatre students. “I followed the first three students who followed me,” Cline said. Comments are disabled on the account’s content.

Though the president is assimilating into social media for recruiting outreach, she is only using Instagram. “I don’t anticipate joining Twitter or Facebook at this point, but I believe Instagram offers a strong platform,” she said.

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