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Professor’s Profile: A Christmas Carroll

By Margaret Pepe
Staff Writer

Students who have taken classes in the Fine Arts building may be familiar with Professor Gwendolyn Carroll, who is part of the Music Department. Carroll teaches Elementary Musicianship, Musicianship for Music Teachers, and Keyboard Harmony.

Despite her 53 years of teaching, Carroll shows no preference towards what class she enjoys teaching the most. “Frankly I can’t say that I have a favorite class to teach, but I do enjoy working with music student teachers when they student-teach,” Carroll continued. “Also, last semester I taught, for the first time, Elementary Musicianship and had such enjoyment helping those students get their footing to the whole understanding of theoretical practices in music,” Carroll said.

I am blessed to be around the bright minds with visions to better themselves academically and intellectually. I enjoy the camaraderie of the students and the commitment they’ve made to the music department, to their families, and [to] themselves,” Carroll said.

Carroll loves to work with students who are eager to learn and can openly express themselves, are energetic and always responsible for their actions. “I work tirelessly at preparing syllabi that are engaging, interesting and enjoyable,” she continued. “I hope each student leaves my classes with a renewed interest in music and certainly leaves having

much more understanding and knowledge about music and the career they’ve chosen. Many are studying to become music teachers. If they wish to use me as an example, I am in my 53rd year of teaching and I’m not tired yet,” Carroll said.

What is Carroll’s least favorite part about teaching? “By nature and personal make-up, I am often impatient with others when it comes to time management. Some of my least favorite things involve just that, waiting for others to catch up.”

She said that if she could create any class at LIU Post, she would create a course around time management. “How do we deal with the students of the 21st century? And how, given the many variables making it difficult to keep them interested in a classroom setting, can we continue to challenge their minds and interests?” Carroll said.

How do some the students at LIU feel about Professor Carroll?

“She’s very patient and understanding with her students and she makes the learning environment approachable,” said Mariel Bourie, a freshman Music Education major . “So if you don’t understand something, you’re not afraid to ask.” Bourie continued, “She was an amazing professor and I would highly recommend her to other students.”

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