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PRSSA Plans First Trip and Unifies Look

Paul Kalis
Reviews Editor

Each academic year, LIU Post student organizations hand the torch over to a new set of officers. The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), the student version of The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the nation’s largest network of public relations and communications professionals, is no exception.

This year, for the first time, the PRSSA will be taking members on field trips and unifying the look and recognition of the organization through social media.

“The PRSA is an organization to be a part of if you want to become an accomplished professional in the industry,” said senior and PRSSA President Bernie Fabig, “So it makes perfect sense to become part of the PRSSA and have that competitive edge when applying for jobs after graduation. [Membership] is regarded highly by the industry and will help you stand out because the organization upholds ethical values, provides training, and advocates for public relations services.”

On November 16, the PRSSA will be taking a day trip to New York City to visit Fleishman-Hillard, a public relations and integrated marketing agency, through the courtesy of Professor Edward Lansdale, the former deputy director of the New York office’s Corporate Group.

“I was teaching a course on the business-side of public relations this spring,” said Lansdale, “I wondered if my students would have any interest in getting a bit of a first-hand look at a PR business operation, namely a PR agency office. Out of that, this upcoming visit was born.”

Students are scheduled to tour the offices and be given brief overviews from the professionals of each department.

“I am incredibly excited for the trip to Fleishman-Hillard because it is the perfect way to gain a real world insight,” said senior Public Relations major Ashley Abney, “I expect to learn a tremendous amount of information from the young associates who spend their days working hard on projects I hope to work on some day.”

“I took Business of Public Relations last spring,” said junior Public Relations major Christine Sammarco, “Professor Lansdale’s real world experience from when he worked at Fleishman-Hillard was a big part of the course. I enjoyed the refreshing advice from his professional background.”

For the spring, a trip to Business Wire, the global market leader in commercial press release distribution, is planned. Scheduled to launch this year is an official PRSSA Facebook page where members plan to post photos from chapter activities and notify members of events.

“Communication via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has become increasingly prevalent and even necessary for public relations professionals,” said senior and PRSSA Co-Publicity Director Marisa Anziano. “It is such a simple, yet effective way to deliver a message directly to your audience.”

Each semester, open lunches are held during Common Hour for PRSSA members to speak with a variety of public relations professionals. This fall, guest speakers include Rita Langdon, Associate Provost of LIU Post on October 10, Jacqueline Mink Cooper, Marketing Director of FM Brush Company on October 24, Sherry Goldman, President of Goldman Communications on November 7, and Theresa Jacobellis, Director of Public and External Affairs of Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, on November 14.

“Being an active member of the PRSSA and listening to alumni speak at our open lunches about their experiences finding work in the real world has opened my eyes,” said senior and PRSSA Co-Vice President Lindsay Quinn.

Open to all majors, minors and other LIU Post students who have taken at least one public relations course, PRSSA membership according to the provides access to internships, jobs, and scholarships. The organization’s first meeting is on Wednesday, September 26, during Common Hour in Hillwood 106. For more information, students may contact the PRSSA at LIU or follow the PRSSA on Twitter at @LIUPostPRSSA

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