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Quick Midterm Election Update: CW Post, The Disengaged Student Body

Less than a week until New York State elections, the race for the state governor’s seat has become very heated. The normal issues of taxation and the states budget have come under debate but issues such as gay rights have dominated much of the candidates smear campaigns.  The midterm elections across the nation have become very important for the Democrats, as they struggle to stay in power at all levels of government.

With all this going on in New York’s political scene, what are Post students saying? The answer is not much.  After speaking to dozens upon dozens of students on campus, from freshmen to well-seasoned seniors, only a handful of individuals even knew the candidates names.  This could be our moment in U.S. politics, with college-aged voters having an expected turnout of less than 20%, no one expects us to make an impact.

What happened to the political fervor that was present on campus during the 2008 Presidential Election? The excitement to partake in the democratic process permeated every aspect of campus life, sparking debates in classes between professors and students alike.

It is important to remember the midterm elections are just as important as any presidential election can be.  If you want change, you must vote. Let’s prove them wrong and make an impact.  Stay tuned for next week’s polls on our very own student body.  What’s your opinion? Let us know at

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