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Radio Station Lingers Under Construction

Since this past summer, WCWP, the C.W. Post campus radio station, has been under serious construction. The station was in need of an overhaul and the building is finally getting a facelift.  New carpeting, new ceilings and new paint have been installed.  However, the renovations have taken longer than expected. Workers are currently welding together the new heating system, which has left the station without hot water or heat. In addition, WCWP is still awaiting the resources to buy new equipment for the studios.

The construction has left many students upset with the situation, including junior Raul Chavez. “It’s a joke how they start the construction and have left everything half-assed. They need new and improved equipment along with fixing the current mess they’ve created.”  Ryan Pettys, a senior at Post and WCWP staff member, said, “It’s unfair to seniors who have to deal with this. I have work that needs to be done and it’s difficult to get a studio to use.”


“The technical renovations that I want to accomplish haven’t been funded yet,” said Station Manager Dan Cox. “But that hopefully will come through and we’ll be able to put new digital equipment in all the studios.”  WCWP is looking to install new audio boards, microphones and computers.

The station had not been renovated since it was built in the 1960’s.  “The funding for it finally came through this year and the university agreed. Every year you put in a capital plan, large projects that you want to do. And for the past three years, I’ve been putting in that plan.”

Freshman Jason Gieser has been vocal to administration about the repairs at WCWP. Two weeks ago, Gieser went to Barbara Fowles, the head of the media arts department, and Benjamin Moore, the dean of the School of Visual and Performing Arts, to complain about the amount of time the renovations are taking. “The renovations have prevented me from doing multiple shows which has hindered the learning process on using the equipment,” Gieser said.

WCWP’s renovations were expected to be done this semester. With the progress behind schedule, Benjamin Moore promised the station to be done in December. Junior and WCWP Production Director Matt Soldano doesn’t buy Moore’s guarantee. “It’s just to push the situation aside for the time being,” he said.

The WCWP staff has fought through the inconveniences and is returning to a full schedule on all three of its radio services.  Business is carrying on as normal as it can. Soldano said, “It is a very encouraging sign to see familiar faces strolling through the radio station once again. The radio station only enhances our college experience and it great to see everyone in good spirits.”

Currently, the radio station has two studios ready for use by students and staff. Two other studios are being used as storage for old equipment and CD’s while another is being built.  Nonetheless, studio time comes at a premium. The studios are reserved throughout the day for classes and meetings. WCWP live programming takes up the studios later in the day.

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