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Recycling on Campus: Helping the Environment or Complete Waste of Time?

Recycling on Campus

Meghan Glynn

With a growing concern for the environment and protecting our planet, C.W. Post has started taking steps to become more green and eco-friendly.  But, maybe the university isn’t doing as much as it could be, and the question arises, can we do more?  Is it enough to solely rely on little bins scattered throughout the campus buildings to create awareness about recycling materials that can be reused and repurposed for other things?  Students around campus seem to have their own ideas.

Amanda Garcia, a junior education major, believes the university’s efforts have been working pretty well, so far.  “I think that the school is doing pretty well with it because they have all the bins and stuff randomly on campus.  I normally take all the bottles I use and put them there, or if I’m going home, I’ll recycle things there,” said Garcia.  Garcia is not the only one that thinks the university’s efforts are not going unnoticed.

Jacqueline Klingler, a sophomore studying early childhood special education, agreed that the campus’ efforts have helped her and her suitemates to recycle what they can as well.  “In my suite, we recycle water bottles, soda cans and whatever else we can.  We don’t recycle them on campus; we bring them to Pathmark to be recycled, but it’s still doing something,” explained Klingler.

Klingler also added that she’s not sure of what the university could be doing differently, if they can even do anything more. “They have people that come to the dorms every week to collect the recycling. Aside from that, I’m not really sure what else they could be doing,” said Klingler.

There are those that feel that the university’s current plan is just not enough, and Michael Marciano, a junior criminal justice major, added, “I don’t believe most students pay attention to it. It’s not that they don’t care, but [they] don’t realize that they could be saving recyclable items. I do it myself sometimes. The university needs to come up with an idea to get the students more involved in recycling and a way to self- promote the cause.”

Garcia, who voiced an opinion similar to Marciano’s, said, “I would say they need to have places to recycle paper in the computer labs and other places where students are constantly throwing paper away.  As students, we all use a lot of paper, so I think that would be useful.”

Although numerous attempts were made to contact Campus Services, no one has responded.  Aside from the university’s efforts, everyone should be doing his or her share to help recycle, both on and off campus.

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