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Reiki Stress Reliever

Marissa Poggio

Looking for a new way to relax and calm your nerves?  Reiki is the newest “technique” in relieving stress.   Known in Japan for helping people heal naturally through spiritual energy, Reiki is making its way around the United States. Reiki energy can flow to any spot in the body that needs healing. I went to my first Reiki session at the Groh Well Healing Center on Merrick Avenue located in Merrick.  It is a great place to do Reiki because it is a quiet office with a great atmosphere.  When I walked into the room, there were chairs in a circle known as the “Reiki Circle” with crystals in the middle.  There are all different types of crystals that have different meanings, but they are all meant to help heal the body.

I was nervous my first time I attended Reiki.  I knew that a trained professional Reiki Master would be passing energy onto me through the use of her hands, so I was definitely skeptical about this.  The class started out with a meditation process that was actually quite relaxing.  After I was nice and calm, I received Reiki. All of the Reiki masters have a certain life force energy that they can pass to whomever they perform Reiki on, just by moving their hands gently over pressure points.  Nora, the Reiki Master at the Groh Well Center, was a soft spoken, friendly woman.  She had a calm aura that was contagious just by being in the same room with her. She was extremely welcoming to me since I was new, and she made me feel very comfortable. I felt extremely peaceful after it was over, like a new radiance was flowing through my body.  I can admit, I would absolutely go back to another class.

The next time you are stressed out over school or just feel the need to relax, try to find a local Reiki class being held near you.  Even if you already are relaxed, it is a great way to develop strong spiritual friendships with others who enjoy Reiki.  Watch out Yoga because Reiki Healing is the new form of relaxation!

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