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Return to the Wasteland in “Fallout 4”

By Thomas Gillen
Staff Writer

“Fallout 4,” which was released on Nov. 10, is the newest entry in the long-running video game series dating back to 1997. The games in the series include “Fallout,” “Fallout 2,” “Fallout 3,” “Fallout: New Vegas.” and now “Fallout 4.”

Each game takes place in post-apocalyptic America, where the world has been devastated by nuclear warfare. The country is one giant wasteland filled with both mutated creatures and normal, well… “normal” people. The series includes the existence of underground vaults and the style of 1950s America, permeated throughout the games with 1950s rock and roll songs and billboards advertising new technologies.FALL OUT

Each “Fallout” game is a role-playing game, or RPG. RPGs allow players to create their own character and play the game how they see fit. Each game since “Fallout 3” on, has been an open world game. Open world games take place across vast maps and allow players to do whatever they want, from completing every mission or just exploring the map. Every “Fallout” game also takes place in a different part of America. “Fallout 3” took players to the ruins of Washington D.C., while “Fallout: New Vegas” transported players to the Mojave Desert.

In “Fallout 4,” the action shifts back to the northeast in post-apocalyptic Boston. After a short prologue above ground where you create your character and assign skill points, nuclear war begins and your protago nist and family journey underground to Vault 111. After several events transpire, your character awakens 200 years in the future and has to journey out into the wasteland to search for your family.

Throughout the wasteland, players will encounter colorful characters and fearsome creatures. One of the first characters encountered is a dog that will become one of several companions players can recruit. Other companions include the robot Codsworth, the ghoul John Hancock, and the Super Mutant Strong. Some of the creatures that populate the ruins of Boston include Deathclaws, Radscorpions, and ghouls.

In “Fallout 4,” Bethesda Game Studios, who created and developed the game, has implemented many changes that push the game in new directions. One of the changes to “Fallout 4” is the ability to play as a male and female character. Previously, you could only play as a male, but this change allows players to experience the game in a different way. “Fallout 4” also adds a crafting component where hundreds of weapons and whole settlements can be crafted.

Despite the many changes, “Fallout 4” is not a perfect game. There are some glitches present, such as dialogue subtitles not changing, and an infinite money glitch. The game can lag at some points, which Bethesda has started to fix with several updates to the game in the form of online patches. The shooting also takes some getting used to since the shooting mechanics were revamped to feel more fast paced and accurate like most first-person shooters.

Despite these minor annoyances, “Fallout 4” is still a great game. If players can look passed these few flaws, they will find a rich world filled with hundreds of hours of game play and a great cast of characters. “Fallout 4” is for players who enjoy the “Fallout” series, RPGs, and action games. Players who do not like strong violence or RPGs may not enjoy “Fallout 4.”

“Fallout 4” is and is available now at any major electronic store and online for $60.

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