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Review: J Cole’s ‘False Prophets’ Puts the Power in Powerful

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

Since arriving on the scene in June 2009, Jermaine Lamarr Cole, better known by his rap-name, J Cole, has consistently delivered hit-song after hit-song. Albums such as, “J Cole: The Sideline Story,” “Born Sinner,” and “Forrest Hills Drive,” the latter which on March 31 was received platinum honors. A remarkable feat, considering that Cole’s “Forrest Hills Drive” album was the first hip-hop album, with no features, to achieve platinum status since the year 1990.

Fast Forward to the latter days of 2016 and the music world is truly becoming a ‘Cole World’ once again. Since Nov. 2015, J Cole has alluded to the fact that he had started work on a new musical project. “4 Your Eyes Truly” seems to be J Cole’s next upcoming project, and if his new hit single “False Prophets” is a preview of things to come, Mr. Cole may soon have another Grammy coming his way.

Cole’s “False Prophets,” which has no features, starts by way of chorus: “Somebody should have told me it would be like this, be like this.” Soon after the 15-second chorus ends, J-Cole wastes no time voicing his opinion on the latest drama surrounding fellow artist Kanye West.

Although Cole does not mention Kanye West by name, Cole’s lyrics unforgivingly slash from head to toe West’s current state of relevancy. “Ego in charge, in every move he’s a star, but we can’t look away due to the ways that he caught our hearts,” says J Cole, who seems to be speaking from a typical fans perspective. “He’s falling apart, but we deny it,” Cole goes onto say, later implying that West’s latest album “Life of Pablo,” pails into comparison from West’s past albums.

After ridiculing West’s music, J Cole offers his insight as to what may be attributing to West’s downward spiral by seemingly calling out the Kardashian family, or “The women…The Yes-men, [nobody] ever seems to contest them.”

Cole spins 180 degrees, using the mastery of his lyrics to let his narrative come full circle. Cole goes onto say that he doesn’t care who listens to his music, claiming that his lowest moments in his life have come from trying to portray himself as someone he never was, a false prophet.

Before “False Prophets” comes to an end, Cole thanks his fans, stating, “Real God is in you, not the music you’re coppin’ [buying].” J Cole’s upcoming album “4 Your Eyes Truly” is slated to release on Dec. 9, and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

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