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Routers to Blame for Internet Outage

Christian Arnold

Internet outages in the dorms at C.W. Post are a result of students using personal wireless routers in the residence halls according to the Director of Resident Life Carlyle Hicks.

“The outages are a result of residents using personal wireless routers within the residence halls,” Hicks said via email. “The routers interfere with the University’s internet.”

Students, like Linda Amarante, have been victims of the Internet outages in the dorms. “We lose internet service at least once every two or three days,” Amarante said. “Sometimes, it’s only for a few minutes, and then, sometimes, there are full days when we have no Internet at all.”

The loss of the Internet in the dorms has created a hassle for students, who not only want to check email, Facebook or Twitter, but who also need it for academic purposes. The use of Blackboard requires students to log on to a website to submit homework via the Internet.

“Lately, I’ve just been going to the library to use the computers there to complete any Internet-related classwork,” Amarante said. “It’s greatly affected my ability to not only do class work but also to check my email and communicate with others. Seeing that internet is necessary for Blackboard, MY LIU, and other sites I use for my homework, its a pretty huge roadblock when I sit down to get my work done and the internet isn’t working for no known reason.”

However, not all students have had problems with their Internet. Carlos Clemente, who resides in the suites, hasn’t experience any real problems with his Internet.

“Not really no,” Clemente responded when asked if he had experienced any Internet troubles. “The Internet seems to be working pretty good.”

Residence Life is taking steps to mitigate the problem with the Internet. According to Hicks, the Office of Residence Life asked residents to disconnect personal routers. Hicks also added that they have conducted health and safety inspections to locate routers that continue to be connected.

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