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Rules May Wipe Out Scooter and Skateboard Riding

Genna Apfel

   These days, it seems that walking to class has fallen out of style. Some students here at C.W. Post are now resorting to scooters and skateboards. What is it about scooters and skateboards that has allowed them to become increasingly popular on campus? Maybe it’s the thrill of riding down Chipmunk Trail and feeling a cold breeze blowing in your face, or maybe it’s just the excitement of getting to class quicker, and not having to walk. Well, whatever it may be, more C.W. Post students are seen flying down the halls of the dorm buildings and attempting simple tricks outside Hillwood Commons.

Rules are being enforced to prohibit scooters and skateboards in the residential halls, however. The rules say that you may not ride a scooter or a skateboard in any buildings. In fact, students are now facing fines if they are caught indoors playing or riding on them. A Sophomore Art Education major, who chose not to have her name mentioned said, “I have seen some girls on razor scooters going through the halls in the dorms, and through the hallway of Humanities Hall. Is that really necessary? It looks kind of fun, but I prefer walking. Or maybe I will try out a skateboard, outside the halls.”

Scooters and skateboards have become popular, especially in Brookville Hall. Students feel that this is something fun to do, and as long as they follow the rules, there shouldn’t be any consequences. Josh Kramel, Junior Physical Education major said, “ I think the new scooter trend is great because it brings kids together, and adds a bit of humor to the dorm.”

According to Residence Assistant David in Brookville Hall, “Scooters are not allowed, according to the C.W. Post Handbook of Rules. If a student is caught, they will be written up.”

It’s like Douglas MacArthur once said, “Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.” Clearly, this is true on the C.W. Post Campus. Maybe the fun part of life is doing something we know we shouldn’t be doing.

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