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Run, Run, It’s Spring!

Mimmi Montgomery Staff Writer


Warmer months have finally arrived and you can no longer blame bad weather for not put- ting on your running shoes and going for a jog outside. If April gives us cold, rainy days, there

is really nothing stopping you from getting on the treadmill at the gym instead. But, in order to avoid injuries and stay mo- tivated without getting bored after two weeks, you need qual- ity shoes that suit your feet. This season, both women and men’s running shoes come in countless colors too! Here are outdoor and indoor alternatives in all price categories.

Outdoor for Her

If you are planning extensive outdoor running this season, it might be smart to invest in a pair of shoes that will not break after a few months. You should also look for running shoes that combine function with perfect fit. The ASICS Gel-Kinseys are $189 at Lady Foot Locker and constructed with a heel clutching system that provides a secure fit for your heels and propels you forward during toe-off. The shoe is multicolored, and comes in two cheaper versions called Nimbus and Noosa. If you are not a daily runner, consider budget-option Noosa; on sale for $99 at foot- right now. At Roosevelt Field Mall, many shoes are on sale now in the Finish Line store, like the breathing Nike Dual Fusion ST 2 that cost $55.

Outdoor for Him

If you are looking to invest in a really advanced pair of run- ning shoes that suit skilled to medium-level runners, the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 2 is a good alternative, and you will find them at for $179. It has taken seven years of research to develop the shoe that breathes and is built up with a full-length wave plate. On the official website, the Mizuno team describes

that they have, “Searched for the optimum amount of forefoot flex without compromising a rigid platform for pushing off,” and the shoes are supposed to give you a rocking-chair-like motion when feet hit the ground. The popular Nike Free Run 5.0+, which gives a barefoot-running feeling, is a budget option on sale at footlock- for $89 right now. The price in stores is $99. The Free Runs have the great benefit of functioning both in and outdoors, so use them where you prefer, just make sure to wash them off before you hit the gym.

Indoor for Her

The Nike Free Run 5.0 + women’s edition are ideal shoes for both road and indoor running and give that barefoot-running feeling. They are offered in multiple colors, and pink, purple and coral red are among the most popular. If you get tired of the color, simply spice them up by adding different-colored shoelaces. The shoes can be purchased at Lady Foot Locker or the Nike Store, at Roosevelt Field Mall, for the price of $99. For $79 at the Nike Store, you can purchase the Nike Dual Fusion Run in red, that matches cushioning with a smooth ride and are ideal for indoor running.

Indoor for Him

The ASICS Gel Kayano 18 are now on sale at Foot Locker’s online store for $120, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors but work great for running on an indoor track. The shoes are designed in colors such as blue, black, grey and orange,

and give maximum support with a cushioning feeling. Just like the women’s ASICS gel shoes, the Kayano’s support the heel and reduces friction. In Finish Line stores, many Nike and Reebok options are on sale right now if looking for budget options under $60. Adidas Clima Cool Regulate in Black or Metallic/Silver is very light and has 360 degree-ventilation systems that keeps your feet cool when running and cost $59.98 at Finish Line.

Before you decide to hit the paths, trails and roads this season, make sure to get yourself a pair of shoes that are good for your entire body, not just the feet. When making the choice, go for comfort, support and style. And remember, every uphill will feel slightly more achievable in the right pair of shoes.

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