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Say Anything Improv – Speak Up!

By Melissa Weisman
Staff Writer

Have your friends always told you that you were funny? Do people laugh at your jokes? Say Anything Improv Club is a student-run comedy club on campus that has been around for a few years. Currently the club is made up of 37 members, and membership is as simple as coming to meetings. The club is always open to new people and is very welcoming.

The group holds hour-long meetings on Monday nights at 8:30 PM in the Little Theater. At the Say Anything Improv Club, students tell their stories through short- and long- form improvisation, with a focus on creative expression and team building. The club is trying to put together a television show and is searching for new members to help with sketches as writers and actors.

“Say Anything is for everyone,” said Doug Robinson, sophomore Theater major and President of the club. “Whether you’ve done improv for years, or it’s your first time getting on stage. At the end of the day, everything you do is improv, so why not have more fun with it?” Robinson added.

“[Robinson] hosts the meetings where we perform long and short form improv,” said Marisa Kofmehl, a sophomore Public Relations major and Public Relations Chair for Say Anything. “Short form is what is seen on [television shows like] ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?;’ Long form is what would be seen at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York City,” Kofmehl said.

“With the help of students, it will be possible to write and perform longer comedy sketches. The group is looking for interested students who would like to write comedy sketches that range from 30 seconds to five minutes, and for students just looking to join,” continued Kofmehl. “By joining Say Anything, you are entering a gateway to better public speaking skills and on-stage talent.”

Last spring on the main stage of the Little Theatre, Say Anything held a “Whose Line is it Anyway?” event, where skits, such as Scenes From a Hat, Props, and many others as seen on the show, were performed. During meetings, various improv games are held in a very professional setting.

“Say Anything is a great opportunity to get into the comedy world and express yourself. Having this club at Post creates an atmosphere friendly to all, and can help form a good on-stage personality, as well as having fun and goofing around with your peers,” said Brendan Figueras, a sophomore Theater Production major.

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