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Say Yes to Weight Loss Success

Alyssa Morando

America’s waistline is expanding!  In the past 20 years obesity has dramatically increased.  Obese children are becoming obese adults.  Our society doesn’t make it easy for people who have a weight problem.  There is a huge emphasis on being thin and we are surrounded by unhealthy food.  Losing weight when your obese is not just about changing your physical appearance, it’s about becoming healthier.

The “diet” industry completely misleads most of the obese population.  They promise a quick fix to a problem that cannot be fixed quickly.  This quick fix mentality is the reason why many fail at their weight loss attempts.  The only way to have successful and sustainable weight loss is a permanent lifestyle change, and change takes time.

Adequate weight loss plans are structured around portion control, eating more fruits and vegetables, and increased physical activity. Everything in moderation is a key aspect of sticking with a plan. No one wants to feel deprived.  Deprivation leads to failure, which is the reason why most fad diets don’t work.

The physical actions taken to lose weight are simple, but mental preparation is imperative for success.  Without determination, and will power to motivate your physical actions, weight loss is very difficult.  You have to accept the reality that the results won’t happen overnight and it will help you keep a positive outlook on your weight loss journey.   Changing your lifestyle will help you feel better physically and mentally.

My personal struggles with obesity have empowered me to help others.  You must change your life forever to reap the complete benefits of a weight loss plan. For four years I have sustained a 100 pound weight loss and if I can do it, you can do it.

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