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Scholarship Helps Students with Textbook Cost

By Janae Finlator
Staff Writer

“It Takes a Village,” a student run organization that works alongside the Division of Student Affairs at LIU Post, and is sponsored by the Post Leadership Advisory Network (PLAN), aids students with textbook costs by providing book scholarships for those who are in need. The “village” consists of student volunteers, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and trustees who have contributed to the cause through donations.

The organization currently has no budget, and primarily sustains from donations. Textbooks are often an imperative tool needed in order to succeed, but one that many students have found to be a challenge to afford. “Your penny + My penny = Our education,” is the organization’s slogan, according to President Arianna Liverri.

“I was not aware of this particular scholarship, but I am pleased to know that it exists. I think it’s great because it’s for students, by stu- dents,” said Roberta Young, a senior Public Relations major. “The con- tributions and ideas come from our peers, who know firsthand what we deal with at the beginning of a new semester.”

The It Takes a Village Book Scholarship is available to undergradu- ate students enrolled in 12 or more credits. The applicant must have a completed FAFSA for the academic year. A minimum of 2.25 cumulative GPA must be maintained. The applicant must also have a blemish free disciplinary record and should not currently be on academic probation. To be considered as a recipient, a copy of your current class schedule is to be attached to a properly filled out application. A 500-word essay answering the question, “Why should you be a recipient of this scholarship?” is also required.

Students, who were recipients of the scholarship in the past, should explain their reasoning for reapplying and how the scholarship has helped you to succeed academically in their essay. However, in order to be eligible to reapply for the scholarship, applicants must volunteer and contribute a total of six hours of community service to the LIU Post com- munity.

Required eligibility for the scholarship is based upon the appli- cant’s current need for financial assistance. The scholarship reward is reliant upon the amount of donations the program receives. Through fundraisers, more than $2,000 has been raised thus far. A majority of the funds come from the Association for Campus Programming (ACP). ACP organizes campus events to enhance campus life outside the class- room.

There are a limited number of scholarships available to students. Unfortunately, due to limited financial resources, the scholarship will only cover the costs of textbooks for the current semester and may or may not cover your entire textbook bill. Students interested in making a difference are encouraged to become members of the program.

To find out how you can contribute to the organization or for more information contact or contact Alerie Tirsch, director of Student Life and Leadership Development, at Alerie.Tirsch@ or (516) 299-2800.

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