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Senior Artist’s Opinion of New York City’s Cold People

Kortney Gloska’s Spring 2011 BFA Thesis Exhibition “Eyes Wide Shut”

Shea O’Rourke

Artist Statement:  “Until four years ago, I lived in a small town in upstate New York, called LaFargeville.  Moving to Long Island opened my eyes to so many things that I never imagined.  September of my freshman year was the first time that I had the opportunity to see Manhattan.  I remember being in awe of the beautiful sights.  After visiting several more times, I began to focus less on the sights and more on the people themselves.  It intrigues me how people in New York pass by one another without saying a word.  They remain disconnected and anonymous.  It seems as if everyone is wrapped inside their own personal microcosm and wants to be left to themselves.  These photographs are a testament to see if I could connect with the average New Yorker.” – Kortney Gloska on her spring 2011 thesis exhibition, “Eyes Wide Shut.”

When I asked Gloska if she ever saw herself living in New York City, she strongly responded with, “Never! It’s too crazy for me.  Being from a small town, I am just out of my comfort zone.”  Even when it came to possible employment opportunities in the city, she swore she would always commute from Long Island.  As a sophomore now, I am always curious to know if people have plans post-graduation.

“I’ve always known I wanted to do it, ever since high school.  It’s something I can see doing [for] my whole life and not burning out, mainly because fashion always changes, and I just love it,” Gloska said.

The artist not only learned what she wanted post-graduation but “Eyes Wide Shut” also taught her a little bit about the “cold” streets of the city. Gloska stated how disappointed she was to realize how mean and unwilling people were to help out a girl trying to finish her senior project.  “You are in a city of eight million people, and you definitely can feel like you’re the only one walking around,” Gloska said.  “When the weather is cold and so are the people, it makes Manhattan a difficult place to thrive.”

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