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Senior Feature: Nicole Sanchez

By Alexander Mousa, Co-Editor-in-Chief

One young woman, two major changes and four years of college experience.

Like many students, New York City native Nicole Sanchez is wrapping up her time at Post and preparing for her future.

Sanchez is graduating with a degree in communications, with a minor in public relations. However, she came to college on a very different path than she ended up on, going through two major changes before finding something she was truly passionate about.

“I applied to LIU as a nursing major, and then I didn’t like science, so then I switched to education. I actually really liked education and I wanted to do it,” she said.

Sanchez switched her major from education to communications after realizing that it was a financially sound decision.

“All my education friends are scared that they are not going to make ends meet and have the luxury life that they want, so I was like ‘Ok. I want to switch to something else,’” she added.

She browsed the over 40 undergraduate majors that LIU offered, trying to find something that would fit with her creative, lively personality. Sanchez has a love for writing, and has been an avid fan of the entertainment industry for years. She decided that she wanted to pursue a degree in something that could fuse together her love for entertainment and her passion for writing.

“I always knew that I liked to write, and I love anything about the entertainment industry, so I decided to do communications. I really like communications because like, it’s everything. It’s not just like the other majors. We get to learn about TV and journalism, and it was just so much fun and I really liked it,” she said.

Sanchez is currently a staff writer for The Tide, and has been writing for the paper over the past two years. In addition to writing for the paper, she is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, a campus sorority. She served as public relations chair for the sorority, managing social media accounts and the image of the organization.

“I feel like newspaper really was a valuable thing for me because I was able to publish my writing, do interviewing and put all the stories that I wrote on my personal website. So all the stories will be there and that’s the first thing that people will look at when I apply for jobs, so that’s the most valuable thing. I wish I joined the paper earlier, but I’m glad I found it,” she said.

She plans to pursue a career in public relations, as that has been much of the focus of her studies in college. She loves public relations as well as the entertainment industry, and has a goal set for herself to move to arguably the best place to fuse those two passions into a career. Sanchez feels that her communications degree will give her many options within the media industry, as the degree is known to be broad and versatile. She has done a great deal of work in video production, editing and social media 

“I want to move to California, that’s my biggest thing. I want to go there for at least a year and see how the world is on that side of the country. Even with writing, I’ll be a writer. I just want to do something that’s within my major. I love communications so I feel like I can do anything,” she added.

Similarly to many students today, the COVID pandemic affected her college experience. Sanchez spoke about how her first two years were very different from her last two years, as there was not much to do on campus. She joined the newspaper and her sorority in junior year, and feels that that has given her an opportunity to be involved on campus.

“I just started to do newspaper and joined the sorority, so I feel like I got the best of both worlds of commuter life, but also being a commuter and being involved on campus,” she said.

Nicole’s advice to students is simple: get involved on campus.

“The best advice I would give is ‘get involved,’ that’s the biggest thing, especially at a commuter school, it’s so hard to make friends. Joining clubs and sororities is such a huge thing that can help,” she said.

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