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Senior Spotlight: Ryan Derham

Ryan Derham is a wide receiver for the LIU Post football team. Last season he played in all 11 games of the season and started in one of them. This season, he has 13 catches for 218 yards and three touchdowns. To open up the 2012 season, Derham had a touchdown reception in each of the first three games of the season.

Q: What was your personal best moment (career highlight) as a member of the Pioneers?

A: My personal best career highlight was probably during a big game my junior year against the #2 ranked team in the nation at the time, Bloomsburg University, in a foot or more of snow catching my first career touchdown for about 30 yards, and I’m pretty sure I started my first game as well. It just created a great vibe and confidence for the rest of the season, it also put trust in my coaches that I can help my team win.

Q: What was the most memorable game you were a part of as a member of LIU?

A: My most memorable game at LIU Post had to again be my junior year beating the #2 Bloomsburg University. We had no one that believed in us to win, we were the total underdog, plus we are a spread passing team which is supposed to be very hard to do in a foot or two of snow. Especially against a team who was supposedly a great running team offensively. We stopped their running attack and passed the ball in the snow just as good as if it wasn’t even snowing. To be a part of that and contributing a decent amount is a great feeling and memory to this day.

Q: What has being a Pioneer meant to you?

A: What being a Pioneer means to me is just holding yourself accountable for your actions, good or bad while creating a bond between students and athletes to exemplify Post Pride.

Q: What are you going to miss most about LIU Post?

A: What I’ll miss about LIU Post is the great people I’ve met and been lucky enough to become friends with. There are so many good memories that have gone on either on the football field, in the dorms, or going out with all your friends from Post. Just going to miss the great learning experiences you come across as I’ve grown from a freshman to a senior. I don’t want to say I’ll miss the people I’ve met here and became friends with because I truly hope to stay friends with mostly all of them even out of college. I’m going to miss the brotherhood, the team, the sacrifice given everyday to achieve a certain goal, and the relationships created with good people that I may no longer see.

Q: If you could be a part of any NFL team who would it be with and why?

A: The NFL team I’d like to be a part of is the New York Giants just because Eli [Manning] is such a clutch player and leader and you don’t really get anything better than being in NYC.

Q: What do you hope to do in the future after this season?

A: What I hope for in the future is finishing school getting my bachelors in Business Management, as well as do more and more social networking meeting more and more people. I’d like to start great internships, getting my masters which everyone needs nowadays to get a good job. I want to create successful opportunities for myself and other people around me earning respect with any move I make. In addition to staying healthy, I want to provide for my family and maybe meet a nice girl on the way.

Q: Most memorable quote/best piece of advice you’ve heard while being a member of the Pioneers?

A: Best advice I’ve been given and understood as being a Pioneer is just be real with what you do and say. Honesty may be harsh at first but the other genuine people in the end will fully respect you for doing so. Also, don’t hold back your emotion in anything competitive in life and strive for the best. Don’t let anyone embarrass you or your family.

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