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Senior Spotlight: Will Strano

Name: Will Strano

Sport: Football

Position: Offensive lineman and team captain

Major: Business Management.

Q: How long have you been playing at Post?

A: “I’ve been playing on the team since 2006.”

Q: What did you first think about Post?

A: “I liked Post, I knew a few kids on the team from my high school so that helped me feel more comfortable I guess.”

Q: How do you feel about Post now?

A: “I love Post now; I’ve made a lot of friends and a lot of great teammates that will always stay close to me.”

Q: Lesson(s) you will take from Post?

A: “Everyone gets a fair shake, nobody gets the same shake.”

Q: Best memory with the team/of Post?

A: “The best memories are probably just hanging in the locker room with the team.”

Q: What do you want to do after Post?

A: “Start my own business and hopefully help coach football.”

Q: What will you miss from Post?

A: “My team.”

Q: Favorite Major League sports team?

A: “TheYankees.”

Q: What music are you currently listening too?

A: “What ever is playing”

Q: When were you named captain of the team?

A: “I was named captain of the team in spring of 2009. The end of my sophomore year.”


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