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SGA Gives Hillwood Commons a Makeover

Renovations – good or bad?

By East

At their final meeting last semester, the Student Government Association, in tandem with the C.W. Post administration, announced plans to renovate Hillwood Commons during the spring semester. After listening to student suggestions, SGA has promised to make many changes, such as the extension of shuttle bus hours, and it came as no surprise when it announced the big changes coming up next.

We can look forward to seeing a long-awaited Starbucks brought to campus. The Little Shop of Commons will be transformed into a Starbucks, and because there will then be no need for Java City, Subway will take over that area in its entirety. There will be additional seating for sub-lovers, and for some friendly competition, the Grill will also serve hot sandwiches like Chicken Parmesan and meatball heroes.

“These renovations symbolize that student voices are being heard,” said Student Government President Jared Ciborowoski. “I hope that after seeing these, students are encouraged to speak out more often.” Perhaps we might even see more supportive faces at town meetings and the people who have opinions on these renovations or future ones will make themselves known.

The changes don’t stop there, either. Along with the hot sandwiches in the Grill, more registers will be opened to control common hour traffic. In about a week, the TV room, which previously was rather unwelcoming, will be available for programming. It will be completed with a new big screen TV with surround sound, new tiling, retractable seating, and two huge built in windows overlooking the lobby of the building. It seems we can rest assured that the funding for such renovations are not coming from our student budgets either, according to what was said at the last SGA general meeting.

Students can expect to see these changes finalized by the end of this upcoming summer. Graduating seniors appreciate the efforts being made, but like anyone on his or her way out, they wonder why these changes couldn’t have happened sooner. It was almost as if, this year, there were more noticeable changes even though they’re about to leave. “I think the new renovations are great, but it really sucks for the seniors, who don’t get a chance to enjoy them,” says graduating business major, Chantelle James. “As long as they don’t cut the hours and keep things open past 8 pm, we should be fine.”

This school year, we have seen so much being done by our student government, and without having to worry about our tuition being raised, we can accept the changes and enjoy them. Well, those of us who will still be here can enjoy them.

In the long run, when something major is done, it’s done for the benefit of the whole community. Hopefully, future students can appreciate the changes that upperclassmen have worked on.

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