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SGA Pushes for Hillwood Renovation

By Joseph Iemma
Assistant Features Editor

Hillwood Commons is undoubtedly the primary rendezvous location for Post students. Starbucks, Subway, the ‘fishbowl’ and other meeting areas make Hillwood Commons a mainstay. Yet, space in Hillwood Commons is limited. The Student Government Association is pushing for a renovation of the second floor of Hillwood Commons, due to its outdated seating and inadequacy to accommodate large numbers of students. Adam Hornbuckle, a sophomore political science major and Vice President of the SGA, believes that Hillwood’s second floor is due for a ‘revamp,’ and he’s gathering the signatures to do so.

Second floor of Hillwood Commons, one of the spots students petition to see more places to sit. Photo: Michael Otero
Second floor of Hillwood Commons, one of the spots students petition to see
more places to sit.
Photo: Michael Otero

“We have about 250 signatures,” said Hornbuckle, “We’re specifically looking for new couches and more sitting area for studying. We’d also like to see new carpet and paint.” A ‘total revamp’ is what Hornbuckle is calling for, and it seems he has the support of his peers. Melina Vazquez, a junior biology major, was ecstatic when she heard what Hornbuckle and the SGA are trying to accomplish. “If they can get the second floor of Hillwood renovated, that would be a power move,” Vazquez said. “I commute, and when I’m early for class, I usually spend my time on the second floor of Hillwood, and to be honest, it can get crowded and uncomfortable. Renovations are needed.”

Clara Leone, a freshman undeclared major, agreed with Vazquez, claiming that the second floor of Hillwood ‘looks like it can be barely house 40 people.’ “No way is the second floor of Hillwood able to sustain any crowd gathering here. It looks like it hasn’t been renovated since 1980, and it has literally 12 seats.” According to, approximately 8,700 undergraduate and graduate students attend LIU Post, many of whom, at some point pass through Hillwood Commons. The Pioneer reached out Post’s admission’s office for a current figure on enrollment, however, a representative from the office claimed they are not allowed to give The Pioneer a figure on current enrollment.

In order to achieve their goal of renovating the much-used space in Hillwood, SGA must win over Post’s administration, in particular LIU President Kimberly Cline. The Pioneer reached out to President Cline, but she did not respond. Instead, Abigail Van Vlerah, Post’s Dean of Students, said, “I think it would be more appropriate to comment on this when the Student Government Association has submitted their proposal. I look forward to seeing what they have in mind.”

Hornbuckle insists that SGA will submit a proposal once they finished ‘drafting proposals for the space.’ Post students wishing to add their signature to SGA’s renovation petition can do so by visiting SGA’s Facebook page at

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