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Short Films at Tribeca

Pete Barell Staff Writer

A myriad of short films debuted at the Tribeca Film festival this year. Varying from documentaries, to animations, to twenty-minute dramas, there have been many rich selec- tions. Here are just a few that premiered.

Film: “RPG OKC” Written and Directed by Emily Carmichael Language: English Country: USA This quirky and modern animated short film shares the unlikely romance (through the internet) of two video game characters from very different worlds. “RPG OKC,” sweet and humorous, is particularly enjoyable to anyone who has played a video game or read “Romeo and Juliet.” Writer/Director Emily Carmichael has screened films at festivals such as Sun- dance, SXSW and Tribeca. She will tackle her first feature film project this year.

Film: “A Short Film About Guns” Directed by Minos Papas Language: English Country: USA, UK

Minos Papas unveils an unsettling short docu- mentary examining the function of the illegal arms trade around the world. Interplaying informative interviews from experts on the illegal arms trade and eye opening images of weaponry in use around the globe, “A Short Film About Guns” highlights the compla- cency of those who only speak of taking action against this global problem. At a time where the legality and handling of small weaponry is a popular social topic, this short documentary encapsulates the severity of the situation.

Film: “Good Bread” Directed by Eddie Schmidt Language: English Country: USA As part of the “Focus Forward: Food for Thought” series at Tribeca, Eddie Schmidt’s short documentary on the assimilation of ex- gang members into the workforce is a brief yet enlightening morsel of an experience. At Homeboy Industries, we see the nurturing process of those willing to rejoin the world and learn a unique sense of unity and friendship.

Film: “Likeness” Written and Directed by Diego Prieto Language: English Country: USA Rodrigo Prieto’s first-time directing effort glistens with the influence of his career as a cinematographer. Having worked on projects with the likes of Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee and Alejandro González Iñárritu, Prieto is commanding in his surreal vision of the teen-age psyche. Elle Fanning plays an insecure teenager who feels the pressure to be skinny, and whose mind is the core of the film. Clock- ing in at only six minutes, “Likeness” devotes half of that time to a brilliantly nauseating sequence of what appears to be a super model party. There is a sensation of glamour and pain there; melting away as frail bodies drape themselves over furniture and drift through the party in a state of catatonic ecstasy. Short but meaningful, “Likeness” is a highlight of the festival.

Film: “Fear of Flying” Written and Directed by Conor Finnegan Language: English Country: Ireland “Fear of Flying” is one of the most light-hearted shorts at the festival this year. Animating with cloth animals, Finnegan delivers a relatable story of a bird that is afraid of flying, and consequently tries to stick out the winter in his home. How is this relatable? The film delves into themes of alienation, fear and humble love, as the protagonist prepares himself for the inevitability (in this case, flying) of his life.

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