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Snowed In? Watch This

By Sana Zahra
Staff Writer

The winter season is all about sitting near the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, and watching your favorite movies. It’s the season where everyone wants to stay warm and be around family. LIU Post had its first snow day on Jan. 27, so The Pioneer decided to ask this question: what is your favorite snow day movie?Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 23.24.51

Surprisingly, a few people like to watch historical movies through which they can learn something. According to Sharon Sextus, a sophomore Marketing major, “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” is her favorite movie for this weather. “It’s about a young boy named Bruno whose father is part of the Nazi army and gets promoted,” Sextus explaimed. “The family then has to move to a new home which is secluded from society. Bruno then finds a ‘camp’ where he meets a Jew- ish boy and becomes his friend although they’re taught to be separated.”

For other students, a snow day is incomplete without a thriller. Zaroon Ahsan Butt, a senior Finance and Marketing major, picked “Gone Girl” as a good movie to watch on a snowy day. “Gone Girl” is about a man named Nick who comes home to find out that his wife Amy has gone missing. Later, [the] media accuses Nick for murdering his wife, but the truth is that his [Amy] had plotted against h[im]. It has a lot of suspense, so it keeps the audience connected,” Ahsan Butt explained.

On the other hand, Shyheim Walters, a sophomore Accounting major, says his favorite movie is “Taken 3.” “This movie is about an ex-government operative named Bryan Mills whose ex-wife is murdered.

He is accused of the murder, and uses his skills to find out who the real murderer is so he can clea[r] his name from this case; [he] also tries to protect his daughter who means the world to him,” Walters said.

Comedy films are known to be attention-grabbers and a favorite movie genre to watch with the whole family. Many holiday movies such as, “Elf”, “The Santa Clause” series, “The Holiday” and “The Family Man” are all comedy films. Like many of us, Jaggernath Boodram, freshman Computer Engineer major, believes “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” is by far the best movie to watch when it’s cold outside.

“This movie is actually the second movie of the series, and it is about a young boy named Kevin McCallister. [He] accidentally gets on [a] plane to New York where on the other side his family was taking the route to Florida for Christmas,” Boodram explained. “There he finds Harry and Marv, the same robbers from the first movie, but he finds out that they have escaped prison and now call themselves [the] ‘Sticky Bandits’. So he sets traps and tries to get them arrested.”

Snowy days are kinds that often evoke childhood memories. Being stuck inside, we often rely on movies for needed entertainment. From historical to comedy, every genre is someone’s favorite. Some prefer to watch romantic movies while others enjoy getting goose bumps from horror films. These movies grab our attention, and take us away from the real world until all the snow has melted away.

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