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Social Media Has Proven Effective for LIU Post

By Olufunmilayo CokerScreen shot 2013-10-09 at 3.56.38 PM
Staff Writer

LIU Post loves social media; there are over 30 Post organizations and clubs on Twitter, nearly 60 on Facebook, and over 20 on Instagram. Included in the numbers are some of Post’s larger clubs and organizations: LIU Post Pioneers, the LIU Post Honors Program, LIU Post’s Male Soccer Team, the Association of Campus Programming, Twice as Nice, LIU Post’s Commuter Student Association, Residence Life, and many more.
More and more, LIU Post is utilizing social media as an active way to get students involved on campus. Post has a twitter account, with a group picture taken on the Great Lawn as its background image. Post’s twitter page is updated regularly, with over 2,000 times and has more than 1,000 followers. Residence Life at LIU Post has also recently created a Twitter, but it only has 13 followers so far and only one tweet. However, Resident Assistants have started spreading the word by slipping flyers under the doors of their residents.
For Myana Gray, a graduate Criminal Justice student and president of the Association of Campus Programming (ACP), social media is one of the more effective ways to advertise and inform students at LIU Post on what is going on. “Everyone is on social networks now and we try to use each and every [outlet] to get our information out,” Gray explains. She also believes that putting up posters and announcing upcoming events is also very effective. ACP has accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
There, ACP keeps students up to date with pictures, event information, and information on general meetings. ACP is separated into three groups: the Music Committee, the Special Events Committee, and the Public Relations Committee.
ACP’s Public Relations Committee handles the social media and campus advertising. “The Public Relations chair sends me flyers so I can post them on the ACP Instagram. That way, all of our followers know what events are coming up and refer back to them whenever they want,” Lillyna Dextre, a sophomore and Social Work major, stated. Dextre is a member of ACP’s Public Relations Committee. Each social media account that belongs to ACP and concerns its general members is open to those who want to find out what is going on and when the meetings are.
According to Bria-Letȃ Greene, a junior Business Marketing major and president of Twice as Nice, social media is also a great way to increase the group’s membership. Both Greene and her twin sister, Tia-Monȃ, believe that the usage of social media appeals to all students, but especially freshmen.
Greene believes that the freshmen are more curious about getting involved on campus so they pursue social media sites in search of clubs that interest them.
Greene also expresses how easy it is to keep up with the social media accounts for their club. “From Instagram, you can connect all your other social media accounts.” Bria-Letȃ explains that it is also important to use social media to support the sense of community between clubs on campus and students in general. “We also help advertise other clubs events and wish everybody a happy birthday!” Twice as Nice can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Tia-Monȃ Greene uses Tumblr as one of the ways to share all the pictures she takes at her club’s events, as well as all other events.
Social media has proven to be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family over the years, but LIU Post has caught up with the times. Now nearly all of Post’s clubs and organizations are involved with one or more social media sites, using them

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