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Spring 2012 Color Trends

Marisa Anziano

Despite the unseasonably mild winter we have had on Long Island, the warmer spring weather is still a welcomed mix of refreshing and renewing. The warm weather also brings about wonderful and vibrant new color trends. When it comes to spring colors, the brighter the better. Here is a list of my top five colors blooming this season.


The first color is coral, which is a mixture of pink and orange hues. Whether incorporating it through a bold lip color or a statement bag, coral is the color of the season. Many people tend to shy away from bright orange tones, so coral is a great alternative. It marries the best attributes of orange with the undeniable ease and femininity of pink.


Mint is another fabulous pastel color to update your spring wardrobe. The minty blue color craze began with the overwhelming number of mint-colored jeans in just about every store and boutique. This is a new take on the typical denim blue while still appearing quite subdued.


This next color is no longer just a studying tool. Try introducing some highlighter yellow into your life. I know, I know, I felt exactly the same way you probably are when I began researching the “it” colors for spring 2012. I am a grey, black, and navy kind of girl myself, but the effects that the color yellow have on everything from your mood to your wardrobe is evident. Besides, no one said you had to wear an entire neon yellow jumpsuit. Begin with a cute pair of flats or a bracelet.


Ever since I was a little girl, we had a lilac bush in my backyard. I could not wait for the day that the weather was temperate enough that the little flower buds would begin to bloom. It was almost like an alarm that alerted me to the beginning of spring. Stop to smell the many flowers around campus and you might find yourself a little slice of inspiration perfect for this season. Lilac nail polish, breezy blouses, or a cute dress… the possibilities are endless.


No spring color list would be complete without the mention of a certain color that we see every March 17. There is no need to save or put aside your kelly green for only St. Patrick’s Day, my budding fashionistas. Green is a relaxing, harmonious color that is sure to make nearly every lassie cheerful on the sunniest of spring days.


As author Susan J. Bissonette once wrote, “An optimist is the human personification of spring.” During spring, anything is possible. Spring is a chance for us to take some risks especially with our sense of style. There is no color too bold or too effervescent during this 2012 season, so go for it! Revitalize not only you, but your wardrobe as well. Happy springtime, everyone!

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