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Spring 2014 Registration Begins

By Michael Otero
Staff Writer

It is that time of the semester again; students are now able to create their schedules for next semester. Students at LIU Post are now beginning to look at classes and begin the process of making their schedules for the upcoming spring semester.

When making a schedule, there are some key things to remember.

By Kristiane Aateigen
Set up your schedule before the classes you need fill up. By Kristiane Aateigen

Students logging onto their LIU account will find a section on the website that lets them know exactly when they are allowed to create their schedule and officially add classes. This section is located in the student center under the Enrollment Dates tab. It is organized in such a way that students who already have more credits will get earlier dates to choose their classes.

On the LIU website, students can look at classes and see what may interest them for their next semester. In addition to looking at classes online, students can also make their schedule by adding classes to their shopping cart. If students are on probation, have a block on their account, or are in the Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP), they cannot register online.

“I have to meet up with my advisor and look at what classes are being offered next semester and what classes interest me,” said Alec Abramowitz, freshman Physical Education major. “I don’t want to get locked out of any classes that I want.” The longer that students wait to register, the more likely they are to get locked out of classes.

Another thing that is helpful to students who are creating their schedules is to sit down and have a face-to-face meeting with their academic advisor. Students who are relatively new at making their own schedules should meet with an advisor so they could get the classes they need and want.

It is also a good idea to meet with an advisor because there are several competency requirements that need to be passed in order to graduate. The competency requirements are: computer, oral, and library examinations.

The competencies test your knowledge in specific areas within computer skills, speaking/reading, and library skills. Advisors help students understand the specific guidelines/prerequisites that need to be taken while approaching graduation.

Meeting with an advisor is by appointment only; however there are times during the semester when appointments are open to walk-ins. Contact Kumble Hall to set up a spring advisement appointment.

Before making class schedules some students go to the website www. From this website, students can get a gauge on the instructor and the course based on what former students have said.

Sometimes students suggest avoiding some professors over others, and that may be a deciding factor during the schedule making process.

“I always make sure to check out to make sure I get the teacher I want,” said freshman undecided major Tyler Talboom. “The professor is what makes the class, and I want a solid one.”

Registration for the spring semester is underway; students who haven’t already done so, should look into registering before the classes they want to take are closed.

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