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Spring Breakers

Rebecca Martelotti
Staff Writer

Spring break can be considered the rite of passage for every college student. For many it is the highlight of the spring semester-or even their whole college experience. Every year millions of young college students travel to destination spots to enjoy a week on the beach and plenty of alcohol.

Many students plan spring break well in advance. “I am going to Hawaii for spring break with my friends, and my girlfriend…Well hopefully my girlfriend,” said Sang Geun Yoon, a senior Journalism major, “I’ve saved up money and have been looking forward to spring break since the day school started.” For those students that do not yet know where to start planning their spring break getaway, do not lose hope. The website can be used to plan college students’ spring break trip. The website informs about the hottest spring break spots, finds the best flight and hotel deals, and provides tons of general information about spring break week.

The top destinations for college students on a budget include Daytona Beach, Florida; Panama City Beach, Florida; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and of course Cancun, Mexico. The beaches of Florida, like Daytona and Panama City, attract tons of students who road-trip to spring break together, splitting the cost of gas and cramming 20 kids into a hotel room meant for two. Going to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun in Mexico can be more expensive because of travel accommodations. The spring break destinations have all-inclusive resorts and cheap chain-hotels where students can spend the week. For decades, college students have flocked to these spring break destinations in packs to spend the days on drop-dead gorgeous beaches and, of course, to enjoy crazy nightlife.

Even if your spring break does not include traveling with friends, there are still many options to keep you busy during the week off. In fact, many college students choose to have an “alternative” spring break and volunteer their time to help others. For those who want to get more out of their spring break then hangovers and hookups, volunteering can be a life-enriching experience that also looks great on a resume. Students can use websites such as that help find local volunteer projects by simply logging in and entering your zip code. Other options can be to volunteer abroad so you still get the experience of going to a new place. The organization Projects Abroad has special short-term programs meant for students to do during their breaks. Students can find more information by visiting Talia Charlton, a junior Journalism major said, “I am trying to save enough money to visit my friends that study abroad in London, but if that doesn’t work out I might decide to volunteer at some local places.” Doing something productive during spring break is an appealing option to many. LIU Post students and athletes participate in many volunteer projects throughout the year. The Department of Student Life and Services can guide you to different volunteer opportunities. The department is located in the Winnick House, Room 200 and the phone number is (516) 299-2255.

Spring break can also be a great time to catch up with friends and get ahead and start searching for summer jobs and internships. Or maybe just sit home and catch up on those television programs you have not had time to watch all semester.

After spending countless nights crammed with homework and overwhelmed by work and classes, spring break is a time to choose how you want to spend your week; at the beach, volunteering, or even laying in bed.

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