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Spring Shopping Update for both High and Low Budgets

Genna Apfel

As spring approaches, you may find yourself eager to indulge in the world of shopping.  Despite the fact that in today’s economy we may find ourselves budgeting our money more than ever, there is a possibility that you still need to fill the emotional and physiological need to shop. Here are a few tips on how to spend your money wisely whether you’re shopping on a high or low budget.

Our college community is only 45 minutes away from the greatest shopping area in the world – New York City.  Although students do not always have the money or the time to roam the Big Apple, C.W. Post is right down the road from great shopping malls and other unique stores, where you can purchase something that will last.

Low Budget Shopping

If you’re looking to shop in an area that offers more affordable fashion, but still presents the newest and high-quality fashion items for this spring season, you can check out Roosevelt Field Mall and Broadway Mall. Men and women can get the same look and find prices they love. This season’s new arrivals consist of fringe scarves, cardigans, and comfy tees that are fabulous for all occasions. New canvas combat boots for woman come in a neutral cream color, and are a low price of $32.80. Similarly, men can enjoy the popular leatherette high-top sneaker in many basic colors, such as blue, black, and brown and only cost $21.90.  For a nighttime look, you may want to try a maxi dress paired with a denim jacket or casual blazer. For these trends, you may want to check out Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters; they carry what’s new and hip this season.

If you are one of those gym fanatics and can go for a good work out, light-weight, bright color jackets, and yoga pants just may be what you’re looking for. Basic short sleeved shirts, windbreakers, and wife beaters range in a variety of colors that you can get for only $15.50, at local athletic stores.   For the newest in sneaker technology, try stores like Foot Locker, for a shoe that works for you, such as the Sketcher Shape-Ups and Easy Tone by Reebok. If you look good, you will feel good too!

High Budget Shopping

We may not always have the luxury of spending a fortune, although most people can agree that once we lay our eyes on something we want it. So where are the places you can splurge for the best quality?

The Wheatley Plaza located on Northern Boulevard is right down the road from C.W. Post. If you’re feeling like a high roller and do not mind if your bill ends with a lot of zeros, check out Scoop. This store is versatile for men and women and located in other places including Las Vegas and California. Scoop offers a selection of the season’s best clothing from international acclaimed and emerging designers. Women can slip right into the sweat suit brand “Free City” with the logo “Live, Nature, Love” ranging into colors of baby blue and a mysterious faded black. Men can try a Paul Smith stripped V-neck sweater and finish it off with a flashy accessory, such as a fedora hat by Rag and Bone. Although Scoop is on the pricy side, you may step one foot into the store and feel like a celebrity.

Step into spring’s new shoe trend. New arrivals from top American and European brands include Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabanna, Marc Jacobs, and the famous Michael Kors. Whether you are in the mood for a comfortable sneaker or a high platform heel to strut your style, you can choose from funky colors, bizarre designs, and a variety of styles. Just window shopping will make you realize the hottest shoe trends of the spring are calling your name. Shoe Box is a luxury shore store boutique that may have just what you are looking for.

Maddy’s 360 is a woman’s boutique that sells all your must-haves. We as girls say, “we don’t want something, we need it.” Maddy’s 360 is a must for the hottest clothing, accessories, and hand bags. Other high-quality stores in the Wheatley Plaza include Banana Republic, ideal for men and women, as well as London Jewelers.

Clearly, there are many places to shop and spend your money wisely, whether you are on a low budget or high one. The Wheatley Plaza, one of a kind boutiques, and nearby shopping malls will have you leaving with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. In the meantime, as we are patiently wait for this warm weather to come and long to walk to class in a pair of flip-flops, get a head start on your spring shopping. It is something you don’t want to miss out on!

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