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Spring Transfer Students Join Post Community

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Assistant Online Editor

As the spring 2018 semester begins, the LIU Post student body will grow with the admission of around 150 spring transfer students.

Students from the U.S. and some international applicants will join the Post community. They were introduced to campus on Friday, Jan. 19 at 10:30 a.m. at a transfer orientation, according to Rita Langdon, executive director of strategic partnership and campus operations. During the orientation in Hillwood Commons, new students were given tours of the campus, and had the opportunity to ask questions, register for classes, and learn more about the Post community.

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Katie Ello, a sophomore transfer student from University of Alabama.

According to Langdon, “Transfer students study in all majors at LIU Post, including art therapy, business, health sciences, special education, criminal justice, biology, speech-language pathology, and forensic science.” Students also transfer from a variety of universities, including “local community colleges such as Nassau Community College, Suffolk County Community College and Queensborough Community College as well as students from out of state such as Miami University, Bucknell, University of Delaware, and NYU,” she said.

Katie Ello, a sophomore transfer student from the University of Alabama, said that the transfer process to Post was, “super easy. I filled out some papers, gave them my transcripts, and it was all done. I then made my schedule two days later.” Ello also said the university accepted almost all of her incoming transfer credits, and allowed her to change her major from advertising to public relations.

Stephanie Giovine, a senior nutrition major who transferred to Post in spring 2016, said her “advice to incoming transfer students would be to branch out and get involved as early as possible to become a part of the LIU community.”

“[When first transferring to Post] I was really nervous to be far away from home but Post has a fantastic sense of community that eases almost every worry instantly,” Megan Breit, a musical theater major and transfer student from upstate New York who is now in her second year at Post, said.

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Megan Breit, a musical theater major and transfer from upstate New York.

For Breit, her transfer process was easier than expected. “The staff in transfer admission were more than willing to help and when I went in for that help, they even offered me a job in their office,” she said. Through that office job in the admissions office, Breit has “been to a lot of open houses” similar the ones held for incoming transfer students, and said they are “always a great time.”

There are many opportunities for transfer students to get involved with campus life by participating in student-run businesses, clubs and organizations, recreation and athletics. “For example, one of our transfer students just returned from meeting with companies in China as part of the LIU-iQ consulting firm in the school of business. Others are riders on our Equestrian team or serve as RAs in the residence halls,” Langdon said. “Transfer students thrive here.”

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