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Start Your Own Garden

Shelbi Thurau

Spring is here and along with it comes the perfect time to start your own garden! There is a lot of research that shows exposure to natural environments can have a positive effect on your health.  In study published by Roger S. Urlich, it was found the recovery times for post surgical patients were shortened when they were being exposed daily to images of nature, in comparison to those patients looking at images of brick walls.  There has also been evidence of electrical activity in the brain that responds to natural images.  This brain activity is said to cause a shift in emotions, leading to a boost in immunity.

It is not hard to grow your own garden.  Simply pick a plot of land that has exposure to sunlight and is hit by a sprinkler system or is easy to water.  The size of your plot will determine the fruits and vegetables you can choose to grow.  For smaller spaces, stick to plants like tomatoes and peppers, which will grow upwards on cages, taking up minimal space for multiple plants.  If you have more space, add in cucumbers, summer squash and eggplant.  These plants have large leaves and grow more outward, needing space to stretch.  Work a layer of topsoil or other organic material into the plot that is roughly a foot and a half thick.  When planting, dig a hole that is about two times the size of the plant’s diameter generally ensuring enough depth for the plant.

The physical activity of gardening gives you a nice workout, as well as being exposed to the Vitamin D in sunlight and fresh summer air. Taking care of your garden gives you the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce all summer long and gain some other health benefits while you enjoy!

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