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Starting Off Your First Year Right

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

Going to college can be both super exciting and a little nerve wracking. There is so much change that you don’t always know what to do. The good thing is that everyone goes through their first year at college at some point. It’s not something that you can avoid or skip over, and each person has a different experience.

Photo: Nicole Digiovanni
Photo: Nicole Digiovanni

“The beginning of the semester is an exciting time for students; however, it can be overwhelming getting adjusted to college life,” said Ali DiBona, Senior Associate Director of LIU Promise. “I think the best thing to do is get involved in the first few weeks of the semester, attend events, join a club, visit your Success Coach in LIU Promise, and talk to your professors. There are so many resources available to all students at LIU; be proactive and seek them out!”

College is all about what you make it, and getting involved through on campus connections will help ease your adjustment to the new school year.

“I love the amount of freedom in college, and I love how available things are to you,” said Katherine Keaney, freshman Musical Theatre major. “But the workload seems like a lot, which I’m nervous about.” Although many students may feel overwhelmed with the workload, there are so many resources on campus, such as the library, LIU Promise, and tutoring, that can help students find the right technique to master the art of being a college student.

“For most, coming to college is a new, exciting experience, and for others it can be a bit scary,” said Arianna Livreri, Campus Life Coordinator. “It’s a different environment, with a group of diverse people. Be open to new experiences, and don’t be close-minded to meeting people outside your circle; your best friend will end up being the last person you thought you would talk to.”

There are a variety of activities to get involved in, like Greek life, clubs, organizations, and athletics. “I feel lucky that I was able to transfer here, and I’m excited to get the chance to start over and be able to do what I love to do here at Post!” said Kaitlyn Curci, a sophomore Musical Theatre major. There is always something going on campus, and the best part is if you don’t find something that’s right for you, you can always create it.

“Get involved in anything and everything,” Livreri said. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the staff and faculty are always here to help. Enjoy what’s provided for you on this campus to get your full experience. Step outside your comfort zone.”

It’s great to get involved and have fun because college is all about your experiences and memories, but after all, your academics are important, too. It can seem a little overwhelming once you take a look at your syllabi and think you won’t have enough time to do everything, but with the right time management skills anything is possible.

“To start the school year off right it’s important to know where your classes are before the first day, and get yourself mentally prepared for the large amount of work you will have to do,” said Stephanie Adelson Bray, a junior Public Relations major. “It is also important to plan ahead so you are not swamped with multiple assignments and exams.”

Although it seems cliché, college is what you make it. “Be the best you that you can be and everything will fall into place,” said Sam Fare, a junior Public Relations major. It’s always good to take advice from others, but everyone develops their own method to their success, and that’s what will help make you first year memorable.

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