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Stay in the LEAD at LIU

By Mirna Youssef
Features Editor

Lead LIU, a leadership certificate program which was started during the spring 2014 semester by the office of Campus Life and LIU Promise, is “Post’s first leadership certificate program,” said Ryan Day, a success coach and one of the program coordinators. “By attending a given number of presentations and workshops, students learn essential skills and qualities to help them become leaders on campus and in their future careers,” Day said.

The LIU Promise office located on the second floor of Hillwood Commons. Photo by Salina Webson
The LIU Promise office located on the second floor of Hillwood Commons.
Photo by Salina Webson

“Most colleges and universities have a leadership certificate program. We researched best practices and looked at sample programs from other universities before creating our Leadership Certificate program, LeadLIU,” explained Ali DiBona, Senior Associate Director of LIU Promise.

“Recent studies show that many business leaders weren’t exposed to their first real leadership development or training until almost 10 years after they began their first supervisory role,” said Day. This program is meant to expose students to skills or strengthen the ones they already have. “LeadLIU is available to all students who are interested. There are no requirements to participate in the program,” mentioned DiBona.

The goal of the program is not to only teach students how to be leaders, but also to “help each individual student better understand their own personal leadership style,” said Day. Each student in the program must attend six workshops over two semesters, and also three core workshops. The core workshops are Leadership 101, Communication and Professionalism, and Resume building. Additionally, “each semester we offer three elective workshops that vary so that students can tailor their journey through the program based on their own personal interests,” said Day.

“During common hour in the End Zone, a selected member of Promise will give a discourse, usually a PowerPoint presentation highlighting on what they feel is relevant for that seminar,” said Jesse Agbotse, a junior health science major. “I have been provided with insight and knowledge that I wouldn’t normally get in a regular class setting,” said Thomas Lantino, a junior criminal justice major who has participated in a LeadLIU workshop.

The workshops are put together by a team of success coaches. “I, along with 2 other success coaches, Mikki Rosman and Joe Vernace, serve as the coordinators” and “together, the three of us handle all aspects of assembling and implementing the schedule of workshops each semester,” said Day. There has been a great deal of interest among students in the various workshops. “We have had over 100 students participate in LeadLIU and this semester will have our first large class of students completing the program,” said DiBona.

There has been “significant growth in attendance at our workshops this year and [we] had over 30 students attend our Team Leadership workshop just last week,” continued Day. The program is not mandatory. Students may sign up to participate and receive their certification through the office of Campus Life and LIU Promise.

“This program has prepared me for my future career by teaching me resume skills, professionalism and networking, so I truly benefited from my time learning at these programs,” said Stephanie Frobin, a senior psychology major, who has participated in the program.

“Our hope is to not only attract students who are formally participating in the LeadLIU program but also anyone who may be interested in a particular topic that we’re presenting. We’re continuing to create new workshops to meet the needs of our diverse student body,” continued Day. “Attendance is taken at all events and we keep track of students’ progress while continuing to stay in contact throughout the semester,” which helps keep track of who receives the certificate, said DiBona.

For more information about the Lead LIU program, contact LIU Promise at 516-299-3737 or stop their office on the second floor of Hillwood Commons. There are still two more workshops this semester, Communication & Professionalism, on March 15 during Common Hour in Hillwood Commons room 221, and the Networking Social on April 13 at 5 p.m. in the Tilles Center Atrium.

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