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Stop Commuting and Join the Commuter Student Association

Joining the Commuter Student Association helps commuters get involved and make friends

Are you tired of commuting to the C.W. Post Campus? Maybe the idea of driving back and forth or being unable to dorm makes you frustrated. Stop wasting your time roaming Hillwood Commons trying to decide if you should get another coffee or sandwich, and join the Commuter Student Association.

CSA is a very popular organization that is truly about providing commuter students the opportunity to voice their concerns, form long-lasting friendships, and enrich their college experiences.  It is also a place to go and a time to have something to do. This organization meets every Monday during Common Hour (12:30-2 p.m.) in the Pioneer Room, located in Hillwood Commons. These meetings are short and get right to the point, specifically so commuter students can obtain campus information and learn about upcoming CSA meetings. On alternating Mondays, CSA will hold “Movie Mondays” with PTV, where students can relax and watch movies with their peers. Although last Monday was only the first meeting of the semester, commuter students are hoping to make this time meaningful and fun. Students who are interested in attending upcoming events or in learning more can contact

On Monday, January 31, CSA hosted its first Movie Monday with the funny film, Easy A. Not only did commuter students get a few laughs out of this movie, but CSA supplied pizza and beverages as well. Pizza, a cold soda, and good friends…I don’t think it can get any better than that.

Kathleen Christman is the current president of the Commuter Student Association. Christman said, “I understand being a commuter student makes it very difficult to make friends because you either have to go home or attend a prior obligation.”  Commuting can be difficult because you may not be able to attend all events taking place on campus, which makes you feel as if you are not getting the full college experience.

CSA’s goal is to create programs, so commuter students can make friends and simply have a great time. Some events include sporting events, casino nights, and Bingo for Books. CSA also holds community service projects, such as Peanut Butter and Jelly Time and both local and out-of-state trips to Ronald McDonald Houses.  Events that commuter students can participate in on campus are homecoming, Post Pride Day, and Pratt After Dark.

“CSA urges students to voice their concerns,” according to Christman. Commuters definitely succeeded in this, as lockers were installed in Hillwood this year. This makes carrying and dragging large books and bags a lot easier. Students are also advised to attend Town Hall meetings, sponsored by SGA, as a way to talk to the administration. Additionally, students have the luxury of using the Commuter Student Lounge in Hillwood Commons. Although this is open to everyone on the campus, it makes it a convenient place for commuters to relax, have a bite to eat, or enjoy quality time with friends.

Although some students don’t like the idea of waking up earlier to get to class or hitting traffic, commuter student and Italian education major Amanda Randazzo feels commuting doesn’t have to be that bad. Randazzo says, “I enjoy commuting. I am still able to get involved on campus, even though I live at home. I am a student ambassador, and I might decide to dorm one day.” Randazzo plans to join CSA, having heard positive feedback about this organization.

The Commuter Student Association takes pride in making students feel right at home. This organization will allow students to explore their surroundings and give them a feeling of home.


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