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Store Review: The Meat House

Freddie Schwartz

A brand new deli/specialty grocery store has opened up less than ten minutes from the campus called The Meat House. The store has a lot of prepared foods, such as Mac and Cheese and even pulled pork, which is awesome. All of the foods are microwavable, so they can be brought back to your dorm. The store also has a huge butcher section with all cuts of steak, chicken, and fish. The portions they give are huge. I seriously knew I could never finish the “Cowboy Steak” in one sitting. The quantity is really good, so you get a lot of food for your money.

The deli section has a lot of choices of sandwiches, and you could even customize what you want. It has everything from Italian cold cuts to BBQ chicken and lots of cheeses to choose from. I got pulled pork with mushrooms and sautéed onions on multi-grain bread. The sandwich was really good and very filling, I couldn’t even finish it.

The store wasn’t as overwhelming as most grocery stores are. It offers many products that most stores usually don’t carry, including artisan cheeses and maple syrup imported from upstate. Employees give out a lot of free samples, and the store is nice, clean, and has an old-fashioned feel to it. They said they are going to start a program to give discounts to students who showing their ID cards, but this is still in the works. Overall, it’s a very cool place, and it’s great to have a deli around the school because I feel it’s something that the area really lacks. For anyone who lives close by, it’s a great new butcher shop and specialty foods store.

The Meat House is located at 1085 Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, NY 11576. It is open daily from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. The store can be contacted at (516) 307-9880 or at

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