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Stress Relief

Olivia Wicik

  Believe it or not, you have made it more than halfway through the fall semester. That’s definitely something worth patting yourself on the back about; however, the stress is really just about to begin. As the end of the term approaches, we all struggle to catch up on any work we may have missed to make sure we actually understand what we have been taught and to prepare to prove that on our finals, which are only a short month away. During this stressful time, it is important to stay in control of our nerves. Here are some tips for helping the stress stop.

1. STAY AHEAD- The only good thing that may come out of stressing out over finals a month in advance is that it gives you time to really figure out exactly what you need to do in order to successfully achieve those As. You can decide which classes will really demand the majority of your time and patience when it comes to finals and focus on those. Even if you just give yourself an extra half an hour a week of studying, it will keep you ahead, and when December arrives, you won’t be swamped with playing catch up.

2.SEEK HELP NOW- No, I don’t mean mental help. Although, some of you may feel like you need that, too, at this point. What I mean is: if you are seriously struggling in a class, acknowledging that now will give you time to do something about it. Contact your professor, whether it is by email or seeing him or her after class, and let him or her know that no matter how many times he or she goes over chapter five in class, it’s just not sticking in your brain. Who knows? He or she might just explain it to you in a way that will allow you to finally get it. (Maybe, you’ll gain a few extra brownie points, too.)

3.STICK TO A ROUTINE- This may actually be the most helpful tip out of the six. We all try to make some kind of a routine during the beginning of the semester: “I swear, I’m going to go to the gym after class every single day and then study for an hour NO MATTER WHAT.” Then, life happens, and somehow, by now, that routine is usually right out the door. Well, here I am to tell you to make a new one. It is much easier to get stuff done when it becomes routine, and it usually allows for more productive usage of your precious time. So, instead of Facebook stalking for an hour, go over your notes and read a chapter or two.

4.DROP BAD HABITS- You have a biology test in the morning, but your best friend’s birthday is tonight, and you couldn’t possibly miss it without insulting her, right? I’m sure a number of these situations came up during the semester, and that’s perfectly understandable, but learning how to say “No” now might just help you get the grade you are hoping for. Learning to not give into peer pressure (at least not all the time) will help you stick to that routine, too.

5. STAY HEALTHY- Here it is; you knew this one was coming. The key to feeling better about yourself is to treat your body better. Trade in those sugary foods that make you crash for something that will result in real energy, like fruits and veggies. Caffeine might help keep you up at night, but it can also actually make you more stressed and anxious. Replacing coffee with water is a great way to nourish your body. If you’re feeling extra stressed, then take a ten minute walk or hit the gym, even if it’s just for half an hour. Working out relieves stress, and we all already knew that.

If you follow these simple tips as best as you can, I’m sure your school stress will slowly but surely diminish. Of course, incorporate your own tips, too. Whether it’s staying away from people who make you really stressed out or taking breaks in between study sessions, you know what is right for your body. Good luck!

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