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Student Activities Board

By Kendall Shamus, Staff Writer

The Student Activities Board (SAB) is a committee of students on campus overseen by the Director of Campus Traditions and Promise Coach Allie Domingo. Students pay an activity fee each semester when paying tuition. This fee goes towards events such as Tradition Tuesday, Tasty Tuesday and other consistent activities on campus during the school year. 

Domingo has worked at Post for almost a year now. She shared how different the atmosphere was when she first arrived. 

“When I came to Post, the Student Activities Board wasn’t active. It was something that was kind of active in years past, and then COVID hit, and it was kind of underwhelmed in a way,” Domingo said. “So what it is is an advisory board of, I almost call it an advisory board of fun, right? Students pay a student activities fee to come here. They do all of this hard work, and sometimes they might not feel like all of the fun events that they want on campus are being heard or seen. And my role as campus traditions coordinator is to figure out; okay, what are things that students want to do, and how can I make them a lasting tradition. When referring to student activities, they’re always trying to find a new and up-and-coming event or an idea that can always be reoccurring and something that students can look forward to.” 

The premise of the SAB is to plan activities for other students. Whether that’s a Treasure Tuesday with item giveaways or Tasty Tuesday, SAB strives to find fun and exciting things that have not been done before to engage students in the campus community. 

Besides Tradition Tuesdays, the Student Activities Board plans other campus events.

 “But I’m going more with the approach of, this is a whole new wave of students,” Domingo said. “ Things that I might have liked in college are not things that students would like in college now. So trying to find out how we can reimagine the Student Activities Board.  What are new, fun, and exciting things that people might like? So kind of going with that approach of, let’s take an intake semester and see what people want, right?”

To get students directly involved, SAB has been tabling during common hour to get feedback from students. This allows the board to interact with students and get to know them on a personal level. Getting to know students helps SAB create ideas for events to host.  

When asked about the events students seem to gravitate towards the most that she has held as the advisor of SAB, Domingo shared her thoughts. 

“I think a big thing has been more of the passive ones. So if a student can come by, listen to some live music, and then head out. Or if they want to just grab something, at a quick event like Tasty Tuesday, and be on the way to their next class. So maybe focusing more on something passive, but also impactful.” 

The events that have been posted around campus such as Drag Bingo, Salsa Night, Treasure Tuesday and more are put on by the SAB. 

“I  have two favorite events I’ve done,” Domingo said. “I think my first one was the one, I did drag bingo. I felt that it was a lot of fun and got a great turnout. Then, I just did a salsa night at Sharkbite. That had a great turnout too, and watching people come out of their shells is one of my favorite parts. When you see a student-athlete or someone a little bit more introverted going out in the middle of SharkBite just dancing with someone that they don’t know, it was one of my favorite pieces because it was just very carefree. It was like let’s just have fun. We’re under so much stress and pressure throughout the semester with work, school and any extracurriculars you might have just been able to like, have fun, and just take a deep breath. If these events are done through SAB or my role as the traditions coordinator then I’ll take that, I’m happy with it.” 

Currently, the Student Activities Board is made up of a handful of students. The board consists of a mix of years and majors on campus. If interested, reach out to Allie Domingo via email at to become involved on the Student Activities Board. All students are wanted and welcome.

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