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Student-Athlete: Steven Laurino

By Thomas Scavetta
Assistant Sports Editor

Laurino’s career honors include: Harlon Hill Trophy Award finalist, ECAC All-Star, NE-10 Most Valuable Player, and five-time NE-10 Player of the Week. Photo credit: Kimberly Toledo
Laurino’s career honors include: Harlon Hill Trophy Award finalist, ECAC All-Star, NE-10 Most Valuable Player, and five-time NE-10 Player of the Week.
Photo credit: Kimberly Toledo

Steven Laurino, a fifth year senior majoring in History Education, is the starting quarterback for the football team. Laurino grew up in Boise, ID, but is originally from New York. The Boise native is a four-year starter at quarterback for the Pioneers and demonstrates outstanding leadership skills both on and off the field.

Q: How did it feel to win the NE-10 Championship last season?

A: Winning the NE-10 championship was amazing. For us as a team, it was incredible because it really showed how tough we were. We came through so much after two rough seasons. Bouncing back and coming together the way we did was truly special. We needed that win, American International was a team that we had struggled against over the past few years and that game got us over the hump.

Q: What is your favorite thing about playing football at Post?

A: The team atmosphere. Football is the only sport where people physically sell out for each other. You have to rely on others.

Q: What goes through your mind when you’re down late in a game?

A: Stay calm. As a quarterback, I have a lot of control over the game. I’m always asking myself what I can do to make a big play.

Q: How has Coach [Bryan] Collins challenged you to keep winning and improving?

A: In the season, I don’t work directly with Coach Collins a lot because he is our head defensive mind. It’s really just a process and a massive chess game every week working together and trying to figure out the best ways to do things that week. Coach Collins and all of the staff put in massive amounts of effort and time, and their preparation rubs off on us as players.

Q: What were some of the strengths and weaknesses of the team this season?

A: We are very experienced and we are a tough team. Countless times this year, everything has gone wrong, but we didn’t fold. We found a way to claw back and make plays when we needed to. Our only weakness is that we haven’t strung together four amazing quarters both on offense and defense. We make plays when we need to and that’s why we win, but if we did it for the whole game, we would be dominant.

Q: What is one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

A: I’ve broken over ten bones playing sports and I’ve had four surgeries with probably a few more to come after football.

Q: Describe growing up in Idaho

A: Growing up in Idaho was amazing. I was granted a lot of freedom growing up in such a safe place. We were always outside playing sports. Idaho has a massive culture of outdoorsmen; it’s an active community that promotes all different activities. I wouldn’t change growing up there for anything.

Q: What is your plan after graduating from Post?

A: After this season, I do intend to take my shot at the NFL. We will see how that goes and eventually when I am done with football, I will have my masters in History Education. With that I will be able to teach and coach either middle or high school.

Q: Why did you choose to play the quarterback position?

A: I didn’t choose to play the quarterback position. I was a receiver and defensive end my first two years playing football. Then in junior high school, I was a running back/middle linebacker. In high school, I was a receiver and a safety until my junior year. After my brother graduated from high school, we simply did not have a quarterback and I was asked by my coach to do it. I never had any desire to play quarterback; I liked to hit people, hence the way I play quarterback.

Q: Whom do you admire most?

A: In terms of athletics, I admire many people. As far as quarterbacks, I have many people that I love watching and many that I believe are great role models. My favorite is Tom Brady. I just believe that he handles himself the right way and, of all the big time quarterbacks, I just relate with his personality the best. He is very passionate and he shows it on the field. It’s all business, but he’s not afraid to let you see his emotion. I think his teammates feed off of that. It’s a sense of vulnerability to your teammates that lets them know you’re in it with them.

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