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Student Filmmakers Need Help

By Peter Barell
A&E Editor

Each year, LIU Post Film juniors form groups for production lab films. The assignment mandates students to take various roles from director, to screenwriter, to production designer, and build an original film with a small stipend, plus any other funds they can gather. One of the promising projects this year is the satirical college comedy, “Love Less Naked.”

The group combines the efforts writer/director Michael Mirabella, cinematographer George Cayea, producer Candace Rizkowsky, art designer Dillon Idone and editor/sound designer Rich DiLeo.

Taking place on the fictional college campus of Coxington University, home of the venerable Mighty Cox, “Love Less Naked” follows hopeless romantic Bert, whose misconception of love and lack of confidence are painstakingly changed in his trial-and-error exploits. As such, the film will require funding to create a particular world for its characters and humor.

The “Love Less Naked” group is trying to raise $1,000 to fund their efforts to make a better film, with costs going toward a camera, technical equipment, elaborate set dressings including clothing, posters, banners, flyers, casting, catering and more.

Donations can be made at the “Love Less Naked” IndieGoGo campaign page, where the group describes its goals. The page also features a hilarious promotional video. Those who contribute can receive gifts including buttons, t-shirts, DVD copies and film credit, depending on the amount of money donated.

“The film lampoons the typical definition of love. Our goal is to make the audience question whether or not romance exists, or if the feelings we often call love are merely a derivative of lust,” the group wrote on their IndieGoGo campaign page. “[It] raises these questions through a comical and heartwarming narrative.”

The IndieGoGo campaign will run through December, and has already raised over $500. To donate, visit projects/love-less-naked.

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