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Student of the week: Giovana Domingo

By Adam Hornbuckle
Staff Writer

Giovana Domingo, a senior accounting major, and newly elected president of the Student Government Association, is excited for the fall semester. Domingo, who is also involved in Greek Life and the Panhellenic Council, is a Residence Assistant in Post Hall and she served as an Orientation Leader during the summer.

Courtesy of Adam Hornbuckle
Photo of Giovanna Domingo

Q- As newly elected Student Government President, what is your assessment of the current state of student a airs?
A- I believe that all of the clubs and organizations have the potential to be successful and to have an impact on our campus community. I have noticed that there is a lot of new leadership, so I am excited to see what fresh new ideas they will bring and what traditions they will build upon.

Q- This new year has brought about a large freshman class. What do you want them to know about the Student Government?
A- With such a large first year class, I would like them to know that the SGA is a recourse that they can utilize throughout their career at Post, because SGA is an outlet for them to voice their concerns and to help them in any way possible. Additionally I encourage first year students to get involved not only in Student Government, but in other clubs and organization to better their experience here at Post.

Q- The position of SGA President is a tough one. What are some of the tougher aspect of the position in your opinion?
A- I think the hardest thing is trying to meet the needs of every student at LIU Post while still not exceeding our logistical constraints. Moreover it’s a challenge to speak for such a diverse student body, but it’s a challenge I am excited to take on.

Q- What are your top goals for this year as the SGA President?
A- My main goal and focus for this upcoming year is for SGA to have more of a presence on this campus. In addition, I want the Student Government to become more transparent and act as a steward of the student before anyone or anything else.

Q- As a senior, what are some personal goals for this year?
A- This being my last year, I have had a lot of time to reflect on my career at Post. By doing so my goals for this year are to embrace all aspects of the Pioneer traditions and to leave a lasting impact on this campus community through the Student Government Association.

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