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Student of the Week: Rebecca Sapan

By Anand Venigalla
Staff Wrtier

Rebecca Sapan, a senior broadcasting major, transferred to LIU Post in fall 2016 from the now-defunct Dowling College. Sapan runs a fashion blog called “The Wardrobe Style.”

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Sapan
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Sapan

The Pioneer: What is your job outside of school?
Rebecca Sapan: I intern at Americana Manhasset, a high-end shopping center in Manhasset. I work with the social media with their personal shopping team.

TP: Are there any cool projects you’re working on that you’d like to let others know about?
RS: I have my fashion blog, The Wardrobe Style. I collaborate with the Americana Manhasset. I get to post pictures on their behalf and it helps expand my audience and their audience because I get to wear high- end designers. I get to work with a lot of different clothing brands and collaborate with them. I would say, overall, my blog has really helped me expand and strengthen my marketing skills a lot. My blog has given me the opportunity to get a great internship. I get cool things sent to me, like a Polaroid camera, and I work with companies like Coca-Cola and Topshop.

TP: Who are some of your inspirations in fashion?
RS: I really like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner; I also love Olivia Culpo. They’re definitely my fashion inspirations.

TP: Why did you transfer to LIU Post from Dowling?
RS: I didn’t really have a choice. I had to transfer because Dowling shut down. Post really worked well with getting all my credits transferred, and they allowed me to graduate on time.

TP: How do you juggle your responsibilities as a student, blogger, and intern?
RS: It’s definitely hard to balance the blog and school. I always put school first. But with my internship, it allows me to create content for my blog, so it makes things a little easier.

TP: Have you noticed any interesting trends in your industry?
RS: I would say a big trend right now is athleisure and denim-on-denim. These are two trends I really like.

TP: What advice might you have for those who are interested in fashion blogging or just fashion in general?
RS: My biggest tip for starting blog or Instagram is post as much content as you can. Try to be super active with your followers. Try to post as much as possible. Don’t give up. It is hard to get followers, but just be persistent.

TP: How are you enjoying your time at LIU Post as a broadcasting major?
RS: I really like it at Post. I think everyone’s super-nice and welcoming. So I’m really glad I transferred here.

TP: Why is broadcasting your major?
RS: I was a communications major at Dowling and it transferred to a broadcasting degree here.

TP: Where can people follow you on Instagram?
RS: @TheWardrobeStyle, which has about 15,000 followers.



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